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  1. In two words ; Machine Type Q35, VNC driver CIRRUS. Download NiceHashOS from : https://www.nicehash.com/download-center Download and install OSFMount : https://www.osforensics.com/tools/mount-disk-images.html On a Windows VM : - Extract the NHos archive with Winrar or 7Zip. - With OSFMount, select tthe extracted .img file and mount the DDOS3.31+FAT16 partition. - Uncheck "read-only drive" - Open the mounted partition in the explorer and edit the configuration.txt by adding your BTC address (from your Nicehash account) and worker's na
  2. I don't care about translation, what I care about is keyboard layout. When accessing the UI directly from the n°1 GPU (not the webui), it require me to mentally switch from azerty layout to qwerty. 🤪 I have seen posts about keyboard layout but didn't managed to successfully change the default qwerty layout. I'm surprised there's even translations without keyboard layouts. Please add that functionality as it has been a source of frustrations every time I hadno VM/GUI openned but required to type commands or edit a XML. 😪
  3. Thanks for the update ! Will get it thanks to you !
  4. Brother with a 5700XT waiting for a smarter bother to show us the way.
  5. No, but after struggling one day I wanted to use my computer instead of still try to fix it. Those are the results I got by swapping parts of the XML with for what you gave. I wanted me to avoid copy pasting but shouldn't expect any other linux competencies outside copy pasting. I can't do much more than test and report. I edited this as I thought you wanted me to (?) : <numatune> <memory mode='strict' nodeset='0,1'/> <memnode cellid='0' mode='strict' nodeset='0'/> <memnode cellid='1' mode='strict' nodeset='1'/> </numatune> I ha
  6. I noticed it was working on some other VMs, so after reinstalling windows to be clear of software bugs, and after a good night of sleep, I messed around with the XMLs and ended up solving my audio problem while retaining the L3 performance. I get 4793 on Cinebench. So, with a 1950X, this is what worked : <numatune> <memory mode='interleave' nodeset='0-1'/> </numatune> <resource> <partition>/machine</partition> </resource> <os> <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-q35-4.2'>hvm</type> <loader
  7. I spent multiple weekends trying to problem solve my unraid system. So I'm glad it took you 10mn to read the topic, but it took me a few hours to do the benchmarks, test and confirm. Each windows reboot require a system reboot as I have a 5700XT. This fixed my latency issues but made somehow my realtek sound card crash (the windows audio service consummes 15% of the CPU, and freeze the windows audio settings). It still works in bare metal on the same SSD, no problem. Don't you think I went through some other topics already? As of today I just spent a straight 12 hours on proble
  8. Not everyone can afford to spend countless hours reading every topic on you-name-it-forum.
  9. Oh, my, god. I came a few time on this topic but I was too lazy to read it all. This information REALLY needs to be condensed / communicated (or integrated in the OS ? ) by unraid's dev team. It would have saved me so much time. A bit pissed of off not having been informed properly ; I just have been told that TR were bad for gaming on unraid... After having bought a pro key. Meh. I run a 1950x + 5700XT + 64GB. Note that I use OVMF for the 5700 XT. I was getting 750GB/sec bare metal on L3 and 45GB/sec on VM. I now get a solid 312GB, but as I understood i
  10. Hello. I was using the autosnapshot script and noticed that znapzend wouldn't create snapshots anymore of the dataset contained a snapshot made by the auto snapshots script. I guess it's conflicting between the two snapshots. [Sat Mar 21 06:43:17 2020] [debug] sending snapshots from zSSD/PROJECTS to zHDD/BACKUP_Projects cannot restore to zHDD/BACKUP_Projects@zfs-auto-snap_01-2020-03-21-0540: destination already exists [Sat Mar 21 06:49:22 2020] [info] starting work on backupSet zSSD/PROJECTS [Sat Mar 21 06:49:22 2020] [debug] sending snapshots from zSSD/PROJECTS to zHDD/BACKUP_P
  11. Regarding problems with the 5700XT, once it works "reliably", I hope someone will be able to produce a full tutorial. 🥰 I spent already about 4 full weekends on setting up and understanding unraid... I can't afford the luxury to set up osx. So yes, you were lucky or talented if it was only one day.
  12. I tried with open core and the qcow2 image shared in this post. I manage to boot when using VNC, but never reach the loggin page with the 5700XT passed through. If someone managed to make it work, hints would be greatly appreciated.
  13. As promised here's the SysDevs. Ideally I would pass the whole group 14 but it also holds the single gigabit input of the server ahaha. The VM ran all day, I confirm I got no error in the log. Not related, but I had instability on modern warfare, disabling ACS overide didn't helped. Server_SysDevs.pdf
  14. To be honest I don't really know. I don't have PCI-E usb cards other than the ports provided by the motherboard. So ASM2142 is either the USB HUB's chip either the motherboard's chip. As I said I have a big USB 3.0 HUB plugged to the only one USB 3.1 port. I'm passing through this port / hub in order to have no issues with the USB devices plugged to it. This morning I found 30mn to test the VM with ACS overide off. I saved the devices webpage without ACS overdrive enabled. I will share it later as I forgot to start teamviewver so I can't access my system from work