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  1. After doing what DarkKnight suggested and trying esxi, it worked perfectly so that narrowed it down to Unraid as the problem. So I figured out the issue finally; this started out as an Unraid v5 version that I upgraded to v6. Apparently either I missed a step doing the upgrade or it isn't in the steps but the syslinux file needed to be replaced. My version had the Xen/unRAID option as the default. This apparently disabled anything dealing with VMs when in v6. Once I replaced my syslinux file with a new version from the unraid 6 zip file it's working fine with the old e5540 processor a
  2. So more testing, flashed the BIOS even though the new BIOS was the same version. I replaced the E5540 with an X5660 which I know both are supported and loaded default settings, made sure VT-x and anything dealing with it was enabled and it still says M/B: Supermicro - X8DT3 CPU: @ Unknown HVM: Not Available IOMMU: Not Available Anyone have any other suggestions?
  3. Yes, and it shows up correctly in the BIOS as the correct model #.
  4. That was the first thing I did, it's running the latest. I'm thinking about getting a different CPU off ebay just to try but I bought two of the 5540's in a set since the board is dual cpu capable but I'm only running one for now. I tried both cpus (not both at the same time) and they both do the same thing. I could try both at the same time but to me I don't think that would solve it, one cpu should work just fine.
  5. Anybody have any help with this issue? Suggestions I can try?
  6. I just replaced my motherboard and cpu with a Supermicro X8DT3 with a single X5540 Xeon and I'm running the latest UNRAID version. Previously my system was an old AMD socket F which never supported virtualization. I have everything turned on in the BIOS dealing with VT-x and VT-d turned on that I can possible find but it still says the CPU info is @ Unknown as well as HVM and IOMMU Not available. Am I missing something simple? There isn't much left in the BIOS that I can enable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks...
  7. Yes all three with pro keys are the same, the one I just tried was a brand new 16gb sandisk. The drive that isn't working was working fine until I formatted it and wanted to try beta6 so I'm clueless as to why this isn't working. I can format it, write data to it, etc., just can't get it to boot from it.
  8. I checked and make_bootable.bat has syslinux.exe -maf already in it.
  9. Sure did, it's the only thing connected to the motherboard, I don't have any hard drives connected, I'm just trying to get it to boot right now. I swap out the flash drive and it boots without issue, if I put this one flash drive in, nothing. Craziest thing I've seen in a while.
  10. So just to add....I have a brand new flash drive, follow the exact same process, boots fine. Did the same process for the non-working flash drive, no boot. How can this one flash drive not boot properly?
  11. I've got three unraid pro keys, I've used this one flash drive before without issues. I wanted to do a test on the beta 6 version and for the life of me can't get it to boot off the usb drive. I've followed the steps exactly multiple times, I've even tried the production version 5. I've formatted the drive from two different Windows computers, label it UNRAID, copy the files to it, run as admin the make_bootable batch file, it says it completes fine (both v5 and beta6 and on both computers both versions say completed), I put it in two different computers to boot off of; it sees the fl
  12. I was not successful in getting it to pass through using my prod 2008 hyperv server; but I've been running the free version on it for a long time and that's all I need for what I wanted to do. I don't have 2012 loaded anywhere to test but if this may be a reality of supporting hyperv in the long run then I can load one up and play around with it. You do have to force the drives you want to use in offline mode regardless so I can see where other people may have been able to get it to work by forcing the usb drive offline.
  13. 4tb EXTERNAL drive with 3 year warranty Use promo code: EMCPCHF224 ***72 hours only*** or until funds run out
  14. Like I said I have a working version that ddeeds compiled for me that I will share with the mods/Tom if you think you can reverse engineer it if ddeeds isn't around anymore. I also have a 2008 HyperV server that I can test with and can setup a 2012 HyperV server to test with also.