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  1. sleep button works for me, so I think routine for checking drives inactivity when you set autosleep is broken and that fix from darkside40 should solve it (I didn't have time to try it once more today)
  2. I should go into /config/plugins/dynamix.s3.sleep on flash drive and copy dynamix.s3.sleep.txz into my local machine right? Extract it and go into dynamix.s3.sleep/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.s3.sleep/scripts/ modify s3_sleep file (comment out 3 lines and add condition (lines 232-236) and modify version at the top then compress top dynamix.s3.sleep folder and put it back into /config/plugins/dynamix.s3.sleep on flash drive and modify checksum that i get from "md5sum dynamix.s3.sleep.txz" and change it in header of /config/plugins/dynamix.s
  3. ok, now there is no longer even sleep button... so I guess it is safe to assume, it would not work for me right?
  4. oh its just md5sum command on linux? that should be easy then
  5. maybe noob question but how do I calculate it?
  6. Hi, firstly sorry, I thought I answered you already. Thanks for response. I tried to comment out those three lines and change the condition, then put it back into .txz file (zipped it and then with xz I turned it into .txz). Sadly, I haven't found what to change in that .plg file and it doesn't show version (added it into commentaries at the top of s3_sleep file). File that you attached to that post is no longer available, so if you could upload it for me again it would be great . Thanks once again for respoding, I already though it wouldn't
  7. Hello, I have installed S3 Sleep a while ago (almost 2 months now) and my Unraid never went to sleep as far as I know. My config plugin config is in the attached screen. I also have running duckdns and OpenVPN docker container (I think that might be the problem?). No idea, to be honest, but I would like to use the sleep mode (it consumes around 75 Watts). Also I am wondering if its possible to wake it up over VPN or at all? But I doubt it.
  8. ah, thx... I wasnt sure what to do, coz when I consoled into unraid with putty/webconsole "ls" showed nothing... but when I did "cd /mnt/cache/appdata" I managed to find config file
  9. I still have problem - to be exact with 4th step. I opened containers console, went to config/etc, but now I cannot edit that file (or have no idea how to do it since there is no nano or vim).
  10. ye found it there, thx The "admin" account is a system (PAM) account and after container update or recreation, its password reverts back to the default. It is highly recommended to block this user's access for security reasons: 1. Create another user and set as an admin, 2. Log in as the new user, 3. Delete the "admin" user in the gui, 4. Modify the as.conf file under config/etc and replace the line boot_pam_users.0=admin with #boot_pam_users.0=admin boot_pam_users.0=kjhvkhv (this only has to be done once and will survive container recreation) IMPOR
  11. I followed this video, and there he only sets up user password but not changing admin
  12. Hello, I managed to set it up correctly, but I am wondering if there is a way to change admin password. I tried it from web gui -> user management, but password never changed. Is there any way to change it? Or should I change it at all?
  13. Hello, would be nice if you updated first post with the new guide I was pretty confused (some things worked really differently)
  14. Thanks a lot guys, a lot of very useful information and advices. This should help me a lot.
  15. I tried some SFTP dockers (and after a little bit of thinkering with them I just removed them) and also duckdns (that one is the only one currently running). Also I assigned all my drives as first thing when I started configuring unraid, so the cache is there from very beggining, therefore dockers should be there by default. I will have to check it when I arrive home.