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  1. I had to revert back to RC1 because SMB was really unstable, and docker wouldn't check for updates. Now everything is back to normal.
  2. I'm having lots of problems that haven't ever existed until RC2. I've been doing steady updates to RC builds since 2019. My file shares are slow now to browse, and docker containers cannot find updates and the only way to fix the slow SMB shares is to turn off all virtual machines. CPU usage on a 16 core 32 thread CPU is low, and nothing has changed except RC2. Something seems wrong with hypervisor, it's making the system unresponsive.
  3. Cool, they all popped up later on their own!
  4. Upgraded from RC1 to RC2 and there are no disk temps showing. Ryzen X570 / 3950X
  5. Does this fix the VM WebVNC connection on safari? Was fine in b25 then broke in b29. Script errors in b29 thread.
  6. Just to add to my VNC error above. This is the specific error:
  7. I'm curious why host-passthrough isn't the default given the extra performance?
  8. Safari can't load VNC on VMs in b29 but was working fine in b25.
  9. I have everything working but cannot get MacOS to update to 10.15.4. It says Update Now, restarts, Clover comes up using boot from untitled, and it takes me back to the login screen. Should I be opting for a different clover option to allow this os update to happen? Thanks
  10. Do Aquantia 10GbE drivers remain operational in 6.9 build?
  11. Hi. Let's suppose I invited a bad actor over for Coffee and granted them access to my LAN because I'm a friendly host. (Or their friend hacked my VPN.) Supposing I had many virtual machines on my network running VNC and a couple of them didn't have usernames or passwords. So there was no logon page. Or suppose I left them running with embarrassing photos of myself. How should I go about securing VNC? If I add a password, then since the traffic isn't encrypted, my guest could sniff it using his laptop. For some use cases, such as USB dongles, RDP isn't an option (on Windows,) therefore I must use VNC and I must leave the user session open in some instances. I'm joking about the use-cases above, but it would be nice to have an easy way to add SSL/TLS to the VNC connections from a central place. Even better would be to use Let's Encrypt for each VM, the same way you guys have it working for Web Interface SSL functionality. Any tips on this are very appreciated. Other than that, the platform is wonderful and I'm very happy to become a member of this community! Cheers.
  12. May I request a vertical versions of this case, with the buttons on top? I don't have a rack at the moment, so it's mounted vertically with the buttons on top. My guess is that I'm not the only one. They look great BTW, thank you!