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  1. Unfortunately, petersm1 deleted his github repository, which is a shame. I would also like to keep the client alive as a plugin. Has anyone still installed it by any chance and can I make it available to me for a reborn? **edit got it
  2. Hi there, I would like to point out again that I forked the petersm1 project on GitHub a long time ago. I modified the plugin, It now uses Layer 2 (tab device) by default, i.e. a network bridge to the existing br0 in Unraid. If you prefer layer 3, i.e. a routed network, you should switch to Wireguard or something similar. Layer 2 has the advantage that it is seen like a "real" LAN cable, broadcast etc. comes through, I personally use it to connect with my friends online and to be able to play classic "LAN" Games together. However, if you want to access with Android, you need the app "openvpn pro", because android can only emulate tap without being routed, which is also the only app that I know of. Windows, Linux and Mac have no problems whatsoever. openvpn 2.4.9 is used, The easyrsa installation has also been fixed. who wants to start openvpn automatically after a system restart (without a started array because it is encrypted) can add that to /boot/config/go : ##OPENVPN-SERVER source /boot/config/plugins/openvpnserver/openvpnserver_cert.cfg logger "Starting OpenVPN Server" /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/openvpnserver/scripts/rc.openvpnserver start | logger Plugin :
  3. Hello everybody, Some time ago I forked the petersm1 Project on Github, modified the Code to be able to use a bridged tap instead of tun. (layer 2). This works good, but everyone has to be aware that Layer 2 has a bit more overheat, I modified it to be able to use Lan Games which use a broadcast. Also, Layer 2 (tap device) does not work under Android, but there is a paid APP that emulates the tap device. You can find my Fork here:
  4. Hi, after i start to insert my parity disk for syncing, this warning went away ^
  5. Hi, thank you for your help. unfortunately the error persists even after an update. in the appendix you will find the new log.
  6. Hi, my Trekstore device is my usb flash drive (ssd usb) sorry, i thought it was the newest version (still setup my new , first unraid setup in trial time)
  7. Hi, unassigned Devices don´t work'for me, it displays in maintab "Warning: syntax error, unexpected '=' in Unknown on line 1 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 1349" can u help me ?
  8. Hi , i Bought an Fujitsu d3644-b Board +1 for Kernel Driver
  9. Hi, Thx for the great Plugin, maybe you can add an Option to switch between Tun and Tap mode. I create a fork on Github with ethernet bridging istead tun. ofcourse, it was an speed mod, lot of thinks can be done better... Lg