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  1. Yes i'm running version 6.8.3 of Unraid, I have no idea what happened last time, but i tried again now and it worked like a charm. Thank you!
  2. Where did you get smartctl from? (I get command not found when i try to run it)
  3. The three drives are OCZ-VERTEX3 drives. I have tried running all the SMART self tests, but either it returns nothing or pretends it's not started or somesuch. When i download the SMART report it gives me a text document with the following features of interest inside: SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. SMART support is: Disabled SMART Disabled. Use option -s with argument 'on' to enable it. (override with '-T permissive' option) Can I in some manner enable the SMART feature on these disks? What command, and how? I'm not sure what to do with the -s argument with 'on' maybe with a -T permissive option. Any hints, tips or tricks? :)
  4. I have got almost same setup as you, and your posts has helped me a lot. However, when I restart the vm, the sound card does not want to restart, and the vm hangs... I have to reboot the whole unraid for it to work. Now. I don't really need the hdmi sound card, because I got another one, but I am not able to start the machine without the hdmi soundcard. Have you had this issue? And maybe found a solution to it?
  5. I see.. So still across all drives then. This suggestion went from something to benefit all, to maybe a few to now, maybe just me and especially interested, so here we go. Would using hybrid disks/SSD's (one part ssd one part spin disk) as parity drives increase speed of the array drastically? Since this would likely not care where it writes to in the spinner part of the disk..
  6. Hmm.. I hear you. It is possible to have two parity disks tho. Are they copies of each other, or half & half, that is; If there are four disks in the array, and two disks as parity, would two disks have one parity each, or would all four disks have the same two parities? If one could set up the parities, one to each half of the array, you could at least double the write speed? or no?
  7. I understand that the cache drives are currently used with a mover script. What if we did something like this instead? 1. Files gets moved to cache drive (which is fast, preferrably SSD drive, should be twice or three times as fast as to one of the drives in the array, if they are spin disks) 2. First file lands on Cache (SSD) drive, and Unraid moves the file to one of the drives in the array (while the second file is landing on the SSD drive). 3. The second file lands on the SSD drive, and Unraid moves this to one of the other drives, which is currently not active. This repeats, untill Unraid is moving one file to each drive in the array, reaching the speed of the Cache drive. I understand that you would be moving files to and from the Cache drive at quite the rapid speed, and that this might be a problem for the Cache drive (especially if it's a spin disk drive) An alternative to running this at the same time, is to wait untill there is no operation on the Cache drive, and then move it to the spin drives, one file to each drive, for increased speed. The reduced time the data would be on the cache disk, would be a security improvement, and the idea of writing to all drives, at the same time, from the cache drive, seems to me like quite the boost in performance. - Even if it did not happen at the exact same time as the transfer is happening to the cache drive. The whole idea is to spread the load of the file transfers to more disks. I suppose this could be done with the Cache drives too. Load a file into the memory of Unraid, then save it on one of the Cache drives, the next file, from memory to the next Cache drive and so on. This would increase the write performance of Unraid quite a lot i would imagine. You could configure how much data you'd want Unraid to keep in memory for incoming filetransfers.
  8. Got the same problem here... Just used my whole day getting set up with all my disks, USB card and Graphic card passthrough it all seemed to work really well, and suddenly GPU is going up to 100% usage. It's System, Client Server Runtime Process and Desktop Window Manager that fights for the resources of the Graphics card.. There is no other programs open on my desktop. GPU Engine said GPU 0 - Copy whatever that should mean.