Guide: Unraid Server Backups Using LuckyBackup

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LuckyBackup seems awesome, and I tried using it, but it creates some strange folders in the source folder where the data is to be copied from. 



These folders come up as folders with no name in Unraid web ui:


And I can't navigate into them in the terminal. 


When LuckyBackup has made these folders, it keeps copying from them everytime I run the backup. 


Anyone know why this happens? - Needless to say, I can't really use it until I figure this out...

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27 minutes ago, Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen said:

These folders come up as folders with no name in Unraid web ui:

Can you please do:

ls -la

in the source and in the destination directory from a Unraid terminal?


Do you have snapshots enabled in luckyBackup?

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Snapshots are not enabled.


Screenshot from source:





At first i did not think that these folders were in destination, and so I blamed LuckyBackup. I will try to remove these folders in destination too, and run luckybackup again.... 


I realize that I don't know how these files are created though, but when they are, LuckyBackup keeps copying from them, over and over again, without any changes. I will updated you when I have tried removing all of these files and run the backup again


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Ok... so.


There's two unraid servers. Destination and Source. All the files were initially on Source. Luckybackup runs in a docker on Destination. 

We connect through SSH. 


My theory:


The first time it copies, it moves all files from Source to Destination, and it gets confused by æøåéçã and so on. Because of this confusion it creates folders like the once you have seen on the screenshots. The next time it syncs these new folders back to Destination (which I don't understand, because I thouht it was a oneway backup). Then when it's doing it's second run, it sees the folders it created and tries to copy the content, but instead of going into the strangely named folders, it goes into the folder with the correct letters, and moves these files into the folder on destination, that has the strange characters :| Then there's double. Files in Destination then has two sets of the files. One with the correctly named, and one with the one it created itself...


Yes. Crazy confusing. 


Needless to say, I'm getting afraid of LuckyBackup, and think I'll stay away from it for now.... 

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36 minutes ago, Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen said:

Also... I have a folder named "2021-09-13 Linda's Baby Shower" in Source, and it copies to Destination to two folders. 

"2021-09-13 Baby Shower" and "2021-09-13 Linda's Baby Shower"

What filesystems are you using, I‘ve never seen anything like that and I also have files like you mention with ‘öäß and so on…


I don‘t think that luckyBackup gets confused because luckyBackup is just a frontend for rsync.


I will create such folders for testing and report back but this can take one or two days.

Back then when I created the container I tested a few files with Chinese and Japanese characters in it and they also work just fine.

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I have cleaned up source, so that there is no more of those magic folders now, and started a new fresh backup to Destination. If this works, something else must have created the folders in the first place, and LuckyBackup (rsync) must have done something clever with them, moving them back and forth. 


I am certain that LuckyBackup has moved these magic folders and content from the original folders back and forth somewhat, but I'm inclined to say that these folders were not created by LuckyBack (rsync).... 


I did some tests with just the correct folders, and that seemed to work fine. I'm more worried about the drwx------- folders that's owned by root... I think those are the sinners :)


I forgot to answer to the filesystem question. Sorry. It's from Unraid to Unraid. So that would mean XFS on both.

It's copying from SSH to th elocal disk via the Docker..

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4 hours ago, Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen said:

I did some tests with just the correct folders, and that seemed to work fine. I'm more worried about the drwx------- folders that's owned by root... I think those are the sinners :)

You can also run luckyBackup as root so that it is able to read these folder and copy the contents.

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1 hour ago, Bjørn Øyvind Halvorsen said:

After it's filled in the files, it changes the permissions.. Does that sound correct?

I‘m not too sure what you mean.

You are creating a server to server backup I think?

What permissions can‘t be changed and where? On the source or on the destination? Why do you even try to change the permissions?

What have you set or better speaking what boxes did you change in the task in luckyBackup?

What filesystem are you using?


This is a really weird issue that you are having, I backup my whole server to another Unraid server over SFTP and it‘s working just fine.

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It's an unraid to unraid backup yes. zfs filesystem on both servers. 


The permissions i was talking about is something I see that LuckyBackup/rsync is doing. not something i am doing.

just the flow of how a backup is performed. 

1. folder structure copied from source to destination. All permissions is set to root.

2. Files copied

3. When files are done copying from destination to source, the permissions on the folders on Destination is changed to "nobody" so that anyone can access them..


I have tried both Synchronizing and backup mode in luckybackup. I have followed the tutorial here to get SSH to work. Basically the exact same thing as here ->


One thing I have forgotten to say is that the folders with the strange characters is not visible in Samba when viewing them from my windows computer. Also i cannot access them in the termial, unless i change the name of the folder that has the correct spelling (that i can se in Samba). When i have renamed it, i can navigate to it, but only if i write the first part of the name, and then use tab to finish the foldername. Basically what i have done then is gone through and found all of these folders, renamed the folder with the proper naming, and deleted the one with the strange characters. Now i'm trying to run luckybackup again, to an empty folder to see if everything works ok. 


I know it's a strange error... don't know what to tell you :) - I have a good feeling about it now though... 

Hope nobody else gets this problem... 

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35 minutes ago, bombs1ght said:

Let me know please what for does Unraid need a backup if the system has a parity disk? I mean only data not system (usb)

Parity only protects against single drive failure. Data loss can happen many other ways, user error, corruption, malware on systems accessing Unraid, etc.


Versioned backups on physically separate media is the only protection from many of those problems.

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I had luckybackup working but then switched to 10GB card in backup server but same IP address as before and it won't work. It times out on backup server when trying to copy key over, logs below. Tying to delete things and redo but nothing has worked so far. Any help would be appreciated?


Oct 23 17:31:51 Tower sshd[27983]: Connection from port 59962 on port 22 rdomain ""

Oct 23 17:33:51 Tower sshd[27983]: fatal: Timeout before authentication for port 59962

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I need to connect to the source as a rsync daemon. I can't use SSH.
In lackybackup, I specify the necessary parameters of the IP address, the user and the file with the password. But I get an error:


The --password-file option may only be used when accessing an rsync daemon. rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1543) [Receiver=3.2.3]

What am I doing wrong? Does the lackybackup know how to join the rsync daemon?

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