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  1. @thymon Did you ever get this working? Just a guess but perhaps the keys in /boot/config/.ssh did not get copied over during boot up on your remote system. Double check the "go" script.
  2. I have not experienced this. The filenames generated by the camera are always unique. I'm not sure what the best approach would be here but I think my first stab at the problem would be to have a script that appends the date to the filename that camera generates. Or stick everything in a unique folder first.
  3. @ich777I'm so glad you are keeping up here. I only logged in today because you messaged me lol. I've missed so many posts.
  4. This was so incredibly nice and unexpected, thank you!
  5. It’s just a meme I saw once. Glad you are answering all the questions because uh, idk anything.
  6. That is very interesting, I haven't seen that yet. I've had this setup for my Other for about a year and she has yet to have any issues like that when streaming. I'm not 100% sure which versions of software she is running because my production stuff is different than my test stuff. I'll definitely be keeping a look out for that in the future and maybe pitch in on some forums when we experience some issues. Thanks for the heads up this is the first I have heard of it.
  7. I can't give you a warm fuzzy answer that is directly a yes. However, in theory it should work. Just copy and backup your config files and give it a try? Then let us know?
  8. I'm fine enough I suppose. It got posted here. https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-capture-encoding-and-streaming-server
  9. Ahh okay. I believe, LUKS encrypts the entire drive, so on each boot you have to enter a password to unlock the drive before any shares or data become visible. So I don't think that is what you want. Well, maybe you do but LUKS isn't what you are looking for. I'm no expert and am not sure what the best procedure or way to do what you want is BUUUUTTTTTTT..... I think what I would do is something like this. From Windows 10 access the share with subfolders/files that you want to encrypt ---> right click and click properties on the folder/file and you should be presented with an option for encryption. Encrypt the folder or file, then use rsync to copy over the encrypted folder/file to the other server. I would not do this to a shared folder. I would only do this to a subfolder or file. I'm sure linux/macos have similar methods to Windows for encrypting a specific folder/file. There are probably plugins that will allow for encrypting and decrypting mounted shares "on the fly" but unfortunately that isn't an area of familiarity for me. Hopefully at a minimum, I've given you enough bread crumbs to figure something out.
  10. Are you thinking of using something different from LUKS? LUKS is how Unraid naturally provides disk encryption.
  11. Hey Spencer, just dropping in to say thank you, for the 10th or 11th time. Have fun unpacking!
  12. Lite-On, some "enterprise" NVME drives.