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  1. Would really like to understand how this works, and if I should re-do my shares.
  2. This is my directory structure: * Movies: * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/movie_file.mp4` * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/movie_file.nfo` * `Media/Movies/Movie_Name/` * `Media/Movies/Different_Movie_Name/movie_file.mp4` * `Media/Movies/Different_Movie_Name/` * qbittorrent * `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete/Show0/Season X/episode1.mp4` * `Media/qbittorrent/incomplete/Movie2/movie_file.mp4` * `Media/qbittorrent/Show1/Season X/episode1.mp4` * `Media/qbittorrent/Movie3/movie_file.mp4` With a split level of 2, `Movie_Nam
  3. That makes sense. Thank you - it was my first time replacing a disk - hopefully iy finishes without any issues.
  4. I just replaced a disk with a larger one and I have the triangle as well with "DEVICE CONTENTS EMULATED" and the array is "Parity-Sync/Data-Rebuild" right now. Is the emulation and the yellow triangle expected until the sync fails?
  5. Oh man On Deck would be great. Thanks so much work making this script.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. It would be nice to get 4 ports at least to future proof. But those look pretty pricey. Do you have specific products in mind I can look at?
  7. I shouldn't clarified - I'll move my existing HDDs to the new SATA expansion card, and hook up SSD to the Mobo
  8. So I have a X8SIL-F mobo and have maxed all 6 existing SATA ports. I want to add another data drive, and start using a SSD for a cache. The board has 2 (x8) PCI-Express 2.0, 1 (x4) PCI-Express (using x8 slot). So I'm thinking of getting a pcie expansion card to add more SATA ports. Would something like or work? Is there a cheaper+better option elsewhere? I'm a PCIE newbie so any general tips would be welcome. As for SSDs, I know I need to look for
  9. Seems to have worked? Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity sync / Data rebuild finished (0 errors) Description: Duration: 12 hours, 8 minutes. Average speed: 91.6 MB/s Hopefully it doesn't regress in the next few days.
  10. Here' what I've done: 1. Stopped the array and unassigned the parity drive. 2. Start the array, then stop and shutdown. 3. Checked disk connections again 4. Power on, add the same disk back as parity (no preclear - I forgot) Now it's doing a parity sync. Hopefully this works. If not, what else can I try? Repeat above with new SATA cable? New HDD?
  11. Thanks. Send like rebuild is a pretty involved process - will try it out today. Full diagnostics attached (apologies, first time reporting issues).
  12. My party check came up fine. I have no idea if this is a real issue or not. Thanks for the link, but I don't know if replacing disks is the first step i should follow here? How can I just get unraid to try the existing disk again? I can perhaps try a new Sata cable but I would like to know how to clear the disabled bit without replacing the disk.
  13. So got the "Parity disk in error state" notification today. At first, I don't see much in SMART (attach diagnostic). I replugged the parity disk's SATA connection and spun back up the disk. I still see a red x next to the parity disk. I have started another parity check but I don't know if the red x means anything right now. What do I do next?
  14. Yeah I got Catalina 10.15.4 and no luck with TM over SMB.