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  1. How critical is this error? Is this "the machine may crash and burn at any moment" critical, or "You need to replace that RAM stick before further issues arise" type critical? Thank you so much for your help
  2. FCP is telling me about a Hardware Problem I apparently have. I've attached Diagnostics as recommended, below. Can anyone help me and tell me if everything is about to die on me? No noticeable symptoms from the machine, other than being flagged for this error. Thank you
  3. again, the logs filling up are a symptom, not the disease. You can increase the log size to the size of your array, it's nginx crashing that's the problem, not the log generated by that
  4. The actual problem is that nginx keeps crashing, not that the logs get full. Each time nginx crashes, it logs it, and restarts. It then crashes again, logs it, and restarts. this keeps happening, which is why the logs quickly get filled. But the full log itself isn't the problem, and isn't why Unraid slogs down until you reboot. It's the bug causing nginx to crash that's the problem
  5. Damn thank you, I know now which computer caused the issue back then. I've never installed the my servers plugin, though?
  6. I don't and never have had that plug-in installed
  7. A stale gui tab means that in some computer, somewhere, there's an unraid tab open that hasn't been used in too long, and is causing this issue for some reason. Restart any open browser you have on any computer
  8. Almost definitely. I use the tabs often, though. I have the same open browser windows on my laptop for months now, both firefox and chrome, each with at least 2 unraid tabs. Recently I've been using my desktop computer more and my laptop less, meaning my laptop tabs have been stale for a while. Probably over a week since I've used them...
  9. I have used the web terminal before. The last time I had this error crop up I was using putty, though. I'm not sure if the web terminal is a potential source. I can open the web terminal and play around and see if I can trigger the bug... Any clues as to what I should do that would potentially cause it? Any help from my logs attached above, when the error happened and when I was able to clear it by restarting web browsers?
  10. Please let me know if there's anything you can suggest I do to try to trigger it to help isolate the bug. Also, be advised, I updated to 6.9.2 today. Again, this only happens occasionally (has happened to me at least 3 separate times,) but I don't know why or when
  11. I am using the stand alone app, putty, to acess my server. I have not yet determined how to intentionally trigger this happening, unfortunately, so I can't explore and figure out exactly where the bug gets triggered. I access Unraid with both Firefox and Chrome, and yeah, I'm the guy with 3 browser windows and 30 tabs open in each. I am unsure, but to the best of my recollection, it was Chrome that I restarted to fix the problem. I can't promise that I'm correct, though, unfortunately.
  12. Haven't updated to .2 yet, but I did have this error occur on 6.9.1, yes
  13. I've done that. User "mover stop" in the terminal. Unfortunately millions of tiny files will take forever to move no matter how you do it.
  14. pulled linuxserver/papermerge:v1.5.5-ls26 and that starts right up with no problem. It seems there may be an issue with v2.