Unraid Capture, Encoding, and Streaming Server

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Copying my comment from the spx labs blog post, since it may be more appropriate to post here.


Hi! Really nice tutorial. One issue I'm having is high CPU usage in the OBS docker even when idle. I'm trying to use my GPU for encoding the video, and that part works, but the CPU usage of OBS itself (without encoded video) is too high to be feasible. Did you see this behavior as well?


I wonder if this is because the CPU is being used to render the OBS scene compositing. Is it possible to use the GPU for this as well? Would this require a different Ubuntu Gui container base? Is it even possible?

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Could I use this guide for my situation?.....


I'm extremely new to all this but I have started a YouTube channel and I create the content using my phone. I had been just using my phone directly to YouTube but have some followers in 3rd world countries where data is very expensive and they would like my content as only a podcast so that it doesnt use much data.


Could I install this docker on my Unraid server, then run some kind of app on my phone that sends the video to the server. Then the server automatically publish it to YouTube and a audio podcast somewhere? Can the OBS publish just the audio to a podcast automatically along with the full video to Youtube?


Also, I'd like to do this away from my servers local network as I make the videos on the go, often on the road. BUT, I can VPN with my phone to my router that is local to my Unraid server.

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