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  1. I have this situation, but the server is running well. I will try to restart the API and I let you know if is going good or not.
  2. I forgot on beginner the upgrade the service docker an VM wasn't running before the system did not find the right path.
  3. thanks I will check on disk1, I hope I will found everything on it
  4. the old mounting point for the Docker or VM was in mnt/usr/apdata/...., on the new vbersion is in /mnt/cache/appdata/ that is the one.
  5. was the same the locations of the V M, the root directory was different and to fix that I change these directories to match the new version.
  6. That was append after the upgrade, but when I downgrade the docker appear again. I fund a different pointing mount, when you upgrade the old mnt point disappear from the drive.
  7. It's a strange now I downgrade end install again the new version after three times I see the Share but I still lost all the Docker Container. I attached the Diagnostics ZIP file
  8. I already try that, just lost all share content, still all in the disks but not in share sections
  9. After several try to update at the new version I lost all the docker container, force me to discover the a new root folder for the VM and lost all the shared folders. Can someone have an idea to fix? Or I need to wait the stable release?
  10. Hi Peter, I have problem to enter remotely from internet. I open the fort on the modem. I downloads the .ovpn file. I try with the .p12 file. But still don't work, the connections refused.