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  1. Hi, Recently I've been having an issue with the binhex - Plex Pass docker accessing my HAUPPAUGE WinTV-quadHD via ich777's DVB Driver. Following his instructions here: I was able to get tvheadend and the plexinc/pms-docker to read off my tuners. However, whenever I use binhex Plex Pass, the tuners never show. Any ideas what I can try to get it work? Thank you,
  2. Will do, thank you @ich777 and @alturismo for helping me out. Really appreciate everything.
  3. Seems to work! Must be something with the binhex plexpass docker; any idea what it could be?
  4. I was using the binhex plexpass docker.
  5. Thanks for helping and looking into this; I may give it a try again later after awhile; let you all know if it was a config error. Hopefully it will help someone else out.
  6. Going for DVB-T; currently don't have antenna available (already moved it to the remote site.) I thought LG made the some of the tuners for Hauppauge; always seen mine that way. 🤷‍♂️ Yeah, running binhex plex and libreelec drivers. What's different now is that I don't have an antenna plugged in; I don't see why that would make a difference, just when doing plex setup, tuners should show but not have any channels. My problem is that the tuners never showed up. I don't want to waste everyone's time with this, as my backup plan is to use an HD Homerun; it'll make my remote setup more complicated, but at least it'll work for the time being. Is there anything else simple I could have missed? Thank you for replying and troubleshooting with me.
  7. Fair enough. Thank you for helping me troubleshoot.
  8. Yes, I had this working previously with Unraid DVB. I passed the tuners directly to Plex, and it worked great. I'm setting this machine up for remote use; needed to clean it up and reset everything that I had on it previously. After resetting, I found out that Unraid DVB was deprecated, and just found your plugin yesterday. Just confused why it works with tvheadend, but not Plex; so weird.
  9. Guess I could've said earlier, I'm in the USA. I thought that this plugin would give similar functionality to CHBMB's Unraid DVB. I have been using Binhex's PlexPass; should I try a different Plex docker? Thank you,
  10. The tuner is showing upon tvheadend; I've never used the program before though, so I don't know if its "working" though. I think I followed these instructions on the Plex forums to get Plex working with DVB - Unraid: It doesn't anything different that you haven't already said though.
  11. Been trying to get local TV broadcasts, is that DVB-T?
  12. Can't believe I missed that; thank you for your patience and reply. I added --device=/dev/dvb/ as an extra parameter, but Plex is not finding it on DVR setup. I'm using the libeelec drivers which have worked previously for me when I ran this system on Unraid DVB edition. Below are some screenshots and my lspci -v output. Thank you again. lspci -v.txt
  13. Hi, I'm a newb to this as well. I have a HAUPPAUGE WinTV-quadHD that I am trying to get working with PlexPass for DVR recording. I'm using the libreelec drivers as well, and it appears to be detected fine by the plugin, but I haven't been able to add the device to Plex successfully. Have I configured the device incorrectly?
  14. I really enjoy how simple and easy it is to setup my docker containers. I would love to see a cron job setup in the web GUI. Thank you,