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  1. I think in nginx proxy manager, on the advan Ed tab you need to wrap everything in Location /{ everything here } Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. Probably this ->
  3. From a fast google search in github issues of nextcloud, they say that it should be fixed on the latests updates. If you are on latest update, try posting a bug report in their github.
  4. I don't think you still have this problem anymore right? I had the same problem about 3-4 weeks ago. There was a problem with nextcloud app store servers (IIRC). I haven't seen that error for some time now. So if you don't have any problems now, you can ignore it
  5. You seem to have log level too high and it's logging too much info that is meant for debug. On the link you can see how to change that. And there is also info on how to change the location of the log file. But remember where you set it to be, because in the future if you have another problem and someone asks for the logs, you have to know where it is
  6. Well, nextcloud is not aware if you run the docker in unraid or how you have setup your cache and disks. Solution would be to have nextcloud share to prefer cache, that means files will stay in cache until is full. With this you loose parity. Or just fix the installation to not produce errors, not writing to log would be very rare. Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  7. The nextcloud.log is existing file so after its moved one time in the array it stays there. Updates on files don't move them to cache. If you delete the file, the new one will be created automatically and will be on cache. Until mover is run again Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  8. New files will go to cache, not existing [emoji4] Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. I have this in my config.php , and i'm getting mp4 previews. Btw if you want to have thumbnails on new uploads, you need to add a cronjob generating them. 'enabledPreviewProviders' => array ( 0 => 'OC\\Preview\\Image', 1 => 'OC\\Preview\\MP3', 2 => 'OC\\Preview\\TXT', 3 => 'OC\\Preview\\PDF', 4 => 'OC\\Preview\\Movie', 5 => 'OC\\Preview\\Photoshop', 6 => 'OC\\Preview\\TIFF', 7 => 'OC\\Preview\\SVG', 8 => 'OC\\Preview\\OpenDocument', ),
  10. What did you set this Data folder while installing?
  11. If you give your users access only via webdav or via nextcloud only, you set the permissions on the external storages and nextcoud shares.
  12. You need to * install the plugin (aka App) External Storage, * Mount the folders (documents,etc) you want in the nextcloud docker template. (Just like its mount the config and data folder) * Go to settings > Externa storages, and "add" the folders you mounted on the docker as external storage. * You can now access them via webdav, share them, etc
  13. If there isn't any errors on the nextcloud >settings >logging. I don't know.. If you used the old db and somehow made new installation on top of it, then might this messed it up Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. Have you logged in with the other users at least 1 time? Also why there is 2 appdata-hash folders? Was there old installation on this unraid share? Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  15. Post your nextcloud config ( click on docker > edit) (with the advanced option turned on, top right corner button) And also the share you created on unraid Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk