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  1. If this was indeed the problem, yes 10.6 should have this included Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. For anyone wondering.. Collabora stil haven't fixed this, there was some commits that MIGHT be related to this bug, but there is NOT any new images build yet so I can test. Stick for for now
  3. Tried to bypass NginxProxyManager, and tried to connect to collabora directly, with self signed cert, and disabled cert verification from NC side. On it does NOT work even like this. but on it DOES work. Something is going very wrong with these images. Collabora did some RE-UPLOADS of (and i think on also) and REMOVED TBH, removing and overwriting images on a repository is a very very very bad tactic and can mess up with a lot of automated systems. If something goes wrong just issue a patch and create a new image. Imagine someone ha
  4. now gives different error. also not working. I suspect something wrong with the reverse proxy, but not sure. Will have to dig some more tomorrow Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  5. Yep Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  6. Tried again today with also, but still broken Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, is safe and working. If I forget to post here what is the problem with 6.4.10, make sure you follow the link I posted [emoji6] Sent from my Mi 10 Pro using Tapatalk
  8. works fine and i can say have become faster! About 6.4.10, i can't figure it out, but i made a post in their forums today, waiting for reply *The post from the fix after was a ~5 months back
  9. I don't really remember where I saw it. But now I'm puzzled Did you upgraded to 6.4.10, and it works? Because I upgraded to 6.4.10 and looks like is totally broken (At least when trying to open a file within NC.
  10. You could try that. In the logs above there isn't much to use, other than you tried and failed to login. Here is another post for things to check
  11. Well, what does cannot login mean? Nextcloud webui not loading? It says wrong password? It says user not found? Is there any errors? Any logs in /data/nextcloud.log?
  12. Ok, without the rest of the steps didn't make any sense. Anyway, nextcloud's forum might give more insight in this.
  13. I don't understand why you copy your backup config to current nextcloud . maybe config was mentioned an older version and migration script runs wrong things? Mention all steps please but tbh. this has nothing to do with the container and probably is better to ask for help in
  14. The folder you click "Sync" it gets downloaded in your device (in the nextcloud's app folder) and any changes in the server are also done in the file on your device. (Assuming you have the app open. if not, it will sync again on the next app launch). If its still not clear or it does not work like this for you, please ask on This type of questions is not relevant with the nextcloud image. Please keep this forum only for problems on setting up nextcloud in unraid or problems with this image! Other problems should be addressed in nextcloud forums (this