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  1. Thanks for the information! I'll take a look at this.
  2. Hello. I just recently moved my Unraid setup to a new motherboard due to an issue. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte Designare Z390 and I cannot get Unraid to recognize the PWM controller. As a result, I cannot use Dynamix Auto Fan Control to adjust RPM based on hard drive temps, other temps. I am using the latest stable version of Unraid and even tried on the latest beta with no luck. Perl is installed (latest version). It will not detect the controller no matter what I try. Any ideas or is the motherboard PWM just not compatible? Also, the CPU temp seems to be working fine, but the motherboard temp is either not reported or it is and never changes. There is another sensor that reports 27.8 degrees C and does not budge from that exact # regardless of activity. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.
  3. The link below instructs in how to manually enable HW transcoding. My Intel i5 9400T is also being detected as an 8th gen processor. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/77943-guide-plex-hardware-acceleration-using-intel-quick-sync/
  4. Thanks for the information! I'm not going to mess with any of the settings since everything seems to be working ok.
  5. I searched and could not find a clear answer on this question. I set up the plex docker to have plex transcode to mnt/cache/ which is my 250gb ssd cache drive. I see the transcode share listed in the shares tab, but the cache is set as "No" for the transcode share. Should this be set to no, yes, only or prefer? Or does it really matter what it is set to? The transcode folder seems to be working as intended as files populate the folder when something is transcoding & no crashes as of yet. I'm just curious if it is set up correctly. Thanks.
  6. I have a new unraid server that I started on 6.8 and upgraded the OS to 6.8.1-rc1. I noticed it started hanging when trying to reboot. I restored back to 6.8 and all seems OK now. Has anyone else had this problem with hanging on rebooting?
  7. OS at time of building: Unraid 6.8.0 CPU: Intel i5 9400t Motherboard: Supermicro X11SCV-Q Mini ITX RAM: 32GB (16GB x 2) Crucial DDR4 2666 SODIMM Case: U-NAS NSC-810 Drive Cage(s): 8 hot swappable drive bays with room for 2 internal SSD drives Power Supply: FSP 400W 1U Flex 80 Gold SATA Expansion Card(s): N/A Cables: U-NAS case contained all SATA cables (Hot Swap) Fans: Case: 2 X Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm, Processor/Heatsink: Noctua NH-L9i 92mm SSO2 CPU Cooler Parity Drive: None at this time as I have data backed up to another NAS (Synology) Data Drives: 2 X 12TB Exos X14 7200RPM 256MB Cache Cache Drive: Kingston 256GB SATA SSD Total Drive Capacity: 24TB Primary Use: Plex Server Likes: Customized and upgradeable! Dislikes: My comfort level with Unraid is low, but gaining more experience with it each day Future Plans: More storage as things fill up Boot (peak): Unmeasured - will post at a later time Idle (avg): Unmeasured - will post at a later time Active (avg): Unmeasured - will post at a later time Light use (avg): Unmeasured - will post at a later time I will add images at a later time. Just completed this build as of a few days ago. So far so good with running Plex with multiple streams/transcodes. I had to manually enable hw transcoding using terminal. More to come as I tinker with this thing... :-)