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  1. It might be your motherboard, I think at least in my case it was where the root problem lies. I can't see your specs and I am also not an expert since I gave up on this. But you might investigate in that direction before getting any other graphics card.
  2. No I gave up after trying to get the system to work with an additional GPU. The problem was that a) whenever I had a dedicated GPU installed m iGPU was deactivated and b) when I had both a GT 710 and the 1050 Ti installed, I couldn't choose which one of them was primary and c) I still couldn't successfully pass the secondary GPU (sadly the GT 710) to the VM. The problem is probably the MoBo/Bios which doesn't give enough options to trick the VM into accepting the card. Bummer...
  3. Ok thanks anyway. Maybe I can replace the umlauts with my mediocre Linux skills prior to conversion. Have to Google my way through this.
  4. OK my latest issues were relates to me being not able to use Comskip properly Resolved by setting output to edl file Another thing: Recordings converter seems to fail on file names with German umlauts (ä, ö, ü). If I rename the files, everything is working fine. @dee31797: have you witnessed something like that before?
  5. This helps, thank you a lot. That indeed is killer and might work out well in my (somewhat) complex setup I will give it a whirl then, thanks. Edit: So I could first comskip from folder a to folder b and watch folder b to get it autoconverted, right? Edit2: Auto-comskip does cut the ads out of the file if it finds them, right? I have tested some files and apart from stripping some redundant streams (e.g. teletext ) nothing happened and the files are as long as before. I use a comskip.ini for germany. Don't where to start to debug this. Any option I am missi
  6. Just found out about this fantastic plugins/docker images, great work. I have a question about ComSkip and Recordings-autoconverter: I keep my recordings in sub-folders (like recordings/Some Show/Season 01/Some Episode - S01E01.ts) because this is how nextpvr (which I am using) is set to handle and this gives me best compatibility with Plex and Emby, since they use the same structure for automatic matches. Do the two plugins support working with subfolders also for the output? Putting all recordings in a single folder would require manual intervention which
  7. Great to here. I will smack in a GT 710 as main GPU and keep fingers crossed.
  8. True, I described the issue in more detail here: It is a premade system from Fujitsu with a proprietary PSU, so I cannot upgrade it. The cherry on top was, that the iGPU got disabled as soon as I plugged in the 1050 Ti. So I was left there with only one GPU. Since the 1050 Ti should only consume 75 W at maximum, I was hoping to get it to work... I thought about smacking in a 710 GT, but as you say this would have probably not worked due to the low-powered PSU, so I also discarded that option. In the end, I would have never known if the issue was driver/mainboard/passthrough related
  9. Thanks for your reply, but it came differently.... Since I only have a 250 W PSU which I cannot swap (thanks for that Fujitsu) I went for a GTX 1050 Ti and sent prayers to the low power gods that it still might work. End of story is, that I could not pass it through to the VM (I still don't know why) and therefore I had to bury this project before it even started...
  10. It was already set to legacy, although my bios says this does not affect video cards. Set it to UEFI now, since I am desperate Edit: Surprise, didn't help
  11. You probably mean the machine's BIOS... Unraid won't boot for me when I try to boot it into legacy mode, but I will look for that option is it is available.
  12. Thanks for the input, didn´t help me unfortunately. Does it matter which vendor_id is used?