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  1. Apparently the driver for this is not implemented yet. There is a feature request though. Support for Qnap 5Gbe USB adapter - Feature Requests - Unraid
  2. This would also be nice for the QNAP QXG-5G1T-111C PCIe NIC as that also uses the Aquantia AQtion AQC111C Chipset.
  3. Can confirm that the Binhex Plexpass Docker drastically reduces writes in contrast to the official Docker. Am down from a bit more than 16GB (official Plex + Pihole) an hour to around 2,5GB an hour (Binhex Plexpass + Pihole). Am now thinking about running the Pihole on my actual RaspberryPi again^^ Of course, how much the Pihole Docker writes is dependent on the amount of DNS queries at that moment, so take these numbers with a grain of salt. They are however obtained with iotop -ao over one hour of time, so it should not be too much of a factor.
  4. Just pop in (replace the mcmyadmin install with) an existing minecraft server install into the Minecraft folder, while the docker is not running. Also, rename the server file to minecraft_server.jar Look into the mcmyadmin config file, while the docker is not running. I changed it there. Maybe there is another way in the gui, but that was quickest to find.
  5. Hello all, I recently built my unRAID machine and started a minecraft server on the side for a few friends and me. Now, there aren't enough users to justify running the server all the time, so I wanted to have a way to put it in sleep mode. mcmyadmin seemed just right, however I only have an IPv6 Adress I can work with, when accessing from the outside of my network. Accessing the MC server, while it is running, is no problem. However, when the server is sleeping, mcmyadmin only listens on the IPv4 adress and port. Any way to configure this? I already set the IPv6 Minec