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  1. @Squid If I create a trial key USB, I will have to setup my dockers and disk assignments again correct? Also, would that USB GUID then be on a blacklist or something (for future replacements or license keys)?
  2. So I broke my flash drive while doing some maintenance for my server. Luckily, I have a very recent backup and spare flash drive. Did a quick restore and got booted backup. I've requested a new key from the "request key" option in unRAID however I have not received a key, and it has been quite some time. The email is not in my junk or trash folders either. I did also send an email to support but it says they ask to wait up to 3 business days. I realize its a Sunday, but I need my server back up for some work (especially to get some files). I am just wondering if there is any other way I can get that key. Requesting the key again says that the GUID has been assigned to another user. I would appreciate some assistance with this. Thanks
  3. I have the same issue. Looking for a solution hopefully soon.
  4. Hi, This is a great extension and seems to work great. I am seeing a Throttle message and I don't quite understand it. What does it mean? The GPU is pass-through to Plex only. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks
  5. My favorite thing about unRAID is how easy it was to setup. The whole UI is so intuitive and easy to navigate. I also love how bug free my experience has been. I have had a few issues but was able to work around them. I already have a Pro license and it was 150% worth the investment. I think the notifications delivered via web can be improved in 2020. Another feature I would like would be the ability to perform snapshots of my VMs so I can easily roll back if need be. Maybe duplicating the vdisks or something? I am a novice at this so it may not even be possible but it would be great to have. Thanks for all your hard work and creating such a fantastic product. Happy Holidays!