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  1. Thanks. Will do. When you say "prepare flash as new install"; is that just running the media creation tool again? Will that maintain the same trial licence because it's the same USB?
  2. If I do need to change over to usb2 rather than usb3, can I just make another trial USB and copy over all the other files?
  3. Ah yes, good point. I had read that somewhere but had forgotten. I'll give USB2 a go if the problem happens again.
  4. Thanks, that did the trick. Appreciate your help. The screen looked weird on the next reboot; but at least I'm up and running again. I still wish I knew what caused this and what will stop it happening again. Thanks again.
  5. After a couple of previous Unraid trials I finally went and bought a new usb and started building my real array about 5 days ago. But I went to start the server this morning and now the USB won't boot. I get an error saying "Restart and Select proper boot device". This happened once before, a couple of days ago, and I took the USB out and put it in my Windows laptop and ran a scan and repair. That completed successfully and it was fine for a couple of days. But the same fix won't work this time. The contents of the USB are all readable from Windows, it just won't boot, so my assum
  6. I've got the same issue with the same SSD. But mine's a bit higher: 328 bad blocks, and it's only been powered on for 31 hours.
  7. I'm just in the process of building my first array. I pre-cleared my two 10 TB disks, assigned them to parity and array, and started a parity sync. Does it matter that I didn't format the data drive? Can I do that after the parity sync?