Alternative naming standard and sorting of array disk names (and unassigned)

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TLDR: request for manually naming and sorting disks in the array (and unassigned if possible), under the main tab as well as in shell.


I have been happy with "location plugin". But I think a possibility to rename array disk to give an instant idea of the disks location in the server. I know it would be a few people who will benefit from this. But I think (I am not burdened with a lot of knowledge of the Linux systems' inner workings) this would be a fairly easy task. As unRAID already using disk1 disk2 disk3 etc and not sdb sdc sdd etc as designations.


I have tried to search the forums but did not find anything useful like a editing a file (not said that it may be out there, I just did not find it). I did try to edit the /etc/mtab file but it was unsuccessful.


So now I make this change request for manually naming and sorting disks in the array (and unassigned if possible).


I know devs like a use case so for my case it is much easier to find the disk in my system that currently has 36 drives (not including the usb boot). I have 24 accessible from the front, plus 8 SSD residing on an air-shield within the system. With possibility to manually rename (example disk1 to diska1) will quickly give me the info needed to locate the drive. Therefore reducing the risk of mistaken physical disks.


I know most of this is covered by the before mentioned plugin. But I like to see the physical location in shell too. Unfortunately the plugin does not help me there.

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