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Hi all, i'm experiencing some odd behavior on my unraid server while trying to set up link aggregation.  The short version is that when i enable bonding for eth1-4 (4 interfaces on a 4-port addon card) the only bonding mode i can choose is "active-backup".  If i choose anything else and hit apply (such as 802.3AD, which is what i actually want to use), it just flips back to active-backup.  I've got the 4 ports that they are plugged into set up as "aggregate" on my unifi switch, but the mode refuses to change.  Can't seem to figure it out.  Attached are screenshots of my configurations, can anyone take a look?  Thanks!






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...first Pic shows you have bridging enabled (in your case only for eth0)..second Pic shows, you want to switch over from bridging to bonding.

There is no need to switch bridging mode off in order to enable bonding.

Try and (re-)enable bridging as well when activating bonding (and add all eth-x to the bonding interface)

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Right, the intent of that way i have it would be for eth0 (which is on the motherboard) to be the primary interface for management and docker functions, and then eth1-4 to be bonded for all other functions (file access, primarily).  Would that be the correct way to accomplish this?

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no, the bridge will carry the IP and the bridge will be "linked" to the bonding interface which, in case of 802.3AD, will transfer the packets per stream in a more-or-less round robin like manner across the physical interfaces attached to the bond.

So bonding is for increasing available bandwidth, not traffic separation.

You cannot separate traffic like that....use VLANs for establishing that.

Again, you can have both, VLANs on the bridge(s) and a bonding interface.


Edit: for 802.3AD, you need to configure the Switch ports on the other side in the same manner


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Understood.  So ideally i would just bond everything and then use VLANs to separate traffic.  

That being said, any idea why the bond is stuck in "active/backup" mode?


(also love your nick, it's "nicely inconspicuous")

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...see my edit above...802.3AD is a managed bond and you need to configure your Switch accordingly.


Of course, you *could* try and do what you described, but addressing your server with different IPs within the same subnet is not really a way of separating the things.

If your Switch and Router support VLANs, I'd go that route.


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