RSYNC Source Includes shares across all drives?

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I'm trying to rsync a few directories to an external drive.  The main concept I'm trying to understand is that these shares are spread across multiple drives.


Now I do see using the command line (df -h) a mount called "/mnt/user" and "/mnt/user0"




I would like to run one command using rsync like  (rsync --archive --delete /mnt/user/SourceFolder/  /mnt/"external drive"


its a little confusing because there is the two separate mounts "User" and "User0"


Is there one mnt that contains all the data of those shares?  I hope this makes sense.


separate question.... can I use the crontab of one of my authorized users to schedule this backup? Or is there an APP for that?


Thank you.


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/mnt/user includes all files in a share on both the array drives AND the cache.    The /mnt/user0 location only includes the array drives and omits any files on the cache.

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