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  1. This guy was great. Older thread but maybe it will help someone looking later. https://www.ebay.com/usr/theartofserver
  2. Good deal. Thank you for letting me know. I was scratching my head for a bit.
  3. Opened up the command line today and it appears the font is off or the resolution of the windows is low. Any ideas why this is? I don't remember changing anything that would cause this. Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to have a script run when an external drive is plugged in to backup data. I cant find any documentation that describes this screen below. I looks like I should be able to add a script to the "Script Content" section. Is there a resource that describes this page?
  5. I have an Unassigned Device external drive that I've attached to my unraid server that I want to encrypt. Everything seems to work fine as I click the FORMAT button under UD on the MAIN screen. I select XFS-ENCRYPTED and it asked me for my password. I used a long 26 character password, which I have used with LUKS before. No error messages and the format goes through. I go into the settings for UD and set the disk password so unraid can mount it with no error message, but when I attempt to mount it will not mount. In the log settings is says this So I re-partitioned the drive again setting a new password in case there was an error in entering the password the first time. I tried mounting and it gave the same error message. I tried mounting using the command line which gave the same error No key Found. So I re-partitioned again using a 16 character password and it worked fine. I've used LUKS encryption before with very long password lengths, is there a reason unraid is restricting the number of characters? What is the max password length? Thank you.
  6. Hey guys. I had this issue and moved to the newest beta and it was fixed. You can also use the below command but its not persistant after boot. mount -o remount -o space_cache=v2 /mnt/cache I hope this helps
  7. Any thought on using Crontab to schedule it? Didnt see anything in the APPs when I did a quick search.
  8. I'm trying to rsync a few directories to an external drive. The main concept I'm trying to understand is that these shares are spread across multiple drives. Now I do see using the command line (df -h) a mount called "/mnt/user" and "/mnt/user0" I would like to run one command using rsync like (rsync --archive --delete /mnt/user/SourceFolder/ /mnt/"external drive" its a little confusing because there is the two separate mounts "User" and "User0" Is there one mnt that contains all the data of those shares? I hope this makes sense. separate question.... can I use the crontab of one of my authorized users to schedule this backup? Or is there an APP for that? Thank you.
  9. I've read some more and have a better understanding why this is happening. I looked at the APP for Turbo Write Schedule and that looks interesting. But as the Mover is doing its work at midnight on this might not be an issue for me. Its only when I'm doing an intentional move that it becomes an issue. Thanks for the reply. Jay
  10. Thank you. Saw another post of someone suggesting a procedure to upgrade. Looks like I can just backup my USB and update my plugins and move forward.
  11. Same thing here. Writes to the cache as full speed (max spinning drive speed reads). Then when I hit the Mover button (below image) I only get 25MB/s. is this normal? the system isn't doing anything else such as a parity check. though the parity drive is active.
  12. I'm currently using 6.8.3 and I'm seeing the issue in docker where the loop2 process is doing mass writes to my cache while the server has no usage. One of the users suggested running this command (mount -o remount -o space_cache=v2 /mnt/cache) after boot, which has reduced my IO down on Loop2 to 0.49%. So a temporary fix. I'm told the new version 6.9.0-rc2 should fix this problem. Is there anything I should do prior to doing an upgrade other than backup my USB drive? I'm in the testing phase so I have not purchase a key yet. I am loving it so far.
  13. Guys, I'm having what appears to be a well known issue with my dockers writing a lot of data to my cache drive (GB per hour). I've seen some suggest its a BTRFS issue with the cache and suggested to reformat it to XFS. I've heard this issue was fixed in the beta 6.9.0-rc2? Is the beta stable enough to move to? I've seen others using it in the signature line. I've been very happy with unRaid so far, but I'm going to burn up this SSD in a month.