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  1. They are several very large files. I've attached diags to the original post.
  2. I have 38GB in my cache. According to my array stats, data is being written at about 31MB/s. It varies but that's roughly the average. According to this calculator, it should take half an hour or so to move this much data at the rate above. After 2 hours, it's only moved 4 gb. What's the point of a cache drive if mover is this slow? nas-diagnostics-20201227-0859.zip
  3. For some reason it showed back up as normal after a few reboots. Only saw the option once and all my data is back.
  4. I had a trial version of unraid, installed it and some drives and moved a bunch of data to it. Everything looks good so now I went ahead and built the actual machine I want to use. I also got a new USB stick that is smaller and doesn't stick out of the new machine so im basically starting fresh. However, it would be nice to not have to transfer all the data again. I installed unraid and moved the drives to the same spots as my trial machine. I cannot start the array in the same way though. It looks like it is telling me to create a new key - is it going to re-en
  5. This kind of thing happens ridiculously often (search the board if you don't believe me). Why is unraid still relying on USB sticks for the OS like we're still in the 90's? Time to catch up.
  6. I'm not an expert on reading crontabs # Generated parity check schedule: 0 0 1-7 2,4,6,8,10,12 5 /usr/local/sbin/mdcmd check &> /dev/null || : Accroding to https://crontab.guru/#0_0_1-7_2,4,6,8,10,12_5 , it will run this Friday, but im still not sure why. “At 00:00 on every day-of-month from 1 through 7 and on Friday in February, April, June, August, October, and December.” next at 2019-02-15 00:00:00
  7. I have these settings: I interpret this as "run a parity check midnight of the first Friday of every other month. "
  8. Getting this error on 6.6.6 and vmware tools 10.3.5. Running ESXI 6.7.0 (Build 8941472). I can confirm these files don't exist in the repo, at least not at that URL. Looking in the plg file, it looks like many others are also missing. EDIT: My fault, user error. Didn't have the packages in the right place.
  9. At this point i've just accepted it as a flaw in the product. Luckily I don't go into the UI much.
  10. Same issue here. Am a relatively new user to unraid, figured this is how it always is. But upon installing a second instance of unraid, I notice the drastic slowdown as soon as I enabled SSL.
  11. This is a very poorly put together container. Diskover in general just seems like a poorly mashed together jumble of dependancies. Why not make a single docker with everything embedded in it?
  12. Sorry for the delay in responding, was gone for the week. So I came back and recovered the missing files and have been using the array for a few days and it seems to be ok. I'm wondering about parity though. How do filesystem errors impact that? I've been adding data since the event so I assume the parity reflects the current state of things. Should I do a parity check immediately or just wait until the next scheduled check (Feb 1)?
  13. Hi, so im new to unraid. Just setup a 8x12 array with 2 parity drives. Have about 50 TB of data. Running unraid 6.6.6 and all drives are xfs-encrypted. Today I went to reshuffle files around to clean up things. I started getting errors in Windows - upon looking at unraid logs, one of my disks was reporting CRC errors and dismounted. It would come back on a reboot but accessing the same files would cause it to dismount again. Logs for this event. A google search tells me I need to run xfs_repair, so I do that through the UI and get these logs. Sure enough, the conten