10GBase-T/NBase-T Ethernet Adapter not recognized - Trendnet TEG-10GECTX Version 2.0R

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Not sure if this isn't included in 6.9.0-rc2 or not but I tried to install this PCI Express 10GbE NIC and can't find it listed as an ethernet adapter.


I did see this in the lspci logs:


04:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Tehuti Networks Ltd. TN9710P 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter [1fc9:4027]
    Subsystem: Tehuti Networks Ltd. Ethernet Adapter [1fc9:3015]
    Kernel modules: tn40xx


Is there something I need to do to enable the NIC? Or does the driver need to be included in the kernel to function?

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There is a driver, but it's crashing and failing to initialize:


Feb  8 13:55:57 Towerd kernel: tn40xx: MV88X3310 initdata applied
Feb  8 13:55:57 Towerd kernel: tn40xx: MV88X3310 I/D version is
Feb  8 13:55:57 Towerd kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------
Feb  8 13:55:57 Towerd kernel: WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 1380 at net/ethtool/common.c:375 ethtool_check_ops+0xe/0x16
Feb  8 13:55:57 Towerd kernel: tn40xx: probe of 0000:04:00.0 failed with error -22


Can't tell you if it's a driver or NIC problem though.

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8 hours ago, Unraider2020 said:

I think support was dropped again for the latest Unraid 6.9.2?

From the release notes:



These drivers are omitted:

Highpoint RocketRaid r750 (does not build)

Highpoint RocketRaid rr3740a (does not build)

Tehuti Networks tn40xx (does not build)


It's always a possibility when the driver is not included with the kernel, nothing LT can do about it but wait for a newer driver.


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