Brand new Hard Drive is failing?

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Hey i just bought a brand new HDD. Yesterday night i got a red cross next to my HDD in the Main View at Unraid.

I checked out the SMART Values and they look bad.

For Example: Reallocated Sector Count has this Value: 64

Anyhow Iam pretty sure i need to remove that HDD.

Iam a Noob and starting reading FAQ and other things, but still a bit confused.


So my HDD has Warranty and I think that I will send it back to Seagate. Then they will send me a new HDD back.

But what is the best way to proceed this in Unraid?

Right now Iam doing a Parity Check.

After it is completed I will unmount / remove the HDD from the Array and sent it to Seagate.

When I get my new HDD I will insert it to my Server.

After that  I have to start the Rebuild.


Also i didnt preclear my HDD. Could this be the issue? I did bought also new premium SATA Cables.

I have also attached my diag file.


[I know this kind of questions are asked here multiple times. It is just the first time I have a HDD Failure and I just want to be sure]

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1 hour ago, 3498BoyZ said:

Also i didnt preclear my HDD. Could this be the issue?


This will not be the issue as preclear is never mandatory.   The advantage would have been showing up the reallocated sectors before you added it to the unRaid array at the expense of the additional time to run the preclear.


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47 minutes ago, 3498BoyZ said:

Right now Iam doing a Parity Check.

You are doing a Read Check. Not possible to do a parity check with a disabled disk and single parity.


The pending sectors on that disk are more troubling than the reallocated. I wouldn't use it in my server.


An extended SMART test on all the other disks would be more useful than the Read Check you are doing.

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