Antec Earthwatts 380W ??


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Yes, it has two rails, as described here:


+12V1: 17A / 1A / 3% / 120mV

+12V2: 15A / 1A / 3% / 120mV


So the first rail has 17A and the second has 15A.  One of those rails also supports the motherboard, fans, etc and we aren't sure which one it is.  So to be safe, let's drop each rail by about 3A.  14A is enough to run 7 green drives or 4 7200rpm drives.  12A is enough to run 6 green drives or 4 7200rpm drives.  So if you ran only green drives you should be good up to around 13 drives.  If you ran only 7200rpm drives you should be good up to around 8 drives.  If you ran a mixture of the two, you'll have to figure it out yourself - assume 2A for each green drive and 3A for each 7200rpm drive.


For what its worth, I use the Antec Earthwatts 380W on my 6 drive test server, and it performs well.


See Joe L's response below.

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According to their product brochure here:


Dual 12V outputs:

12V2 for Motherboard and peripherals;

12V1 for processor  (the CPU connectors)


So... you are limited to 15 Amps of the 12v2 rail for the Motherboard, peripherals, disks and fans.


I would not try 6 green drives.. that might be pushing it.    Remember, the 12v1 rail is ONLY for the CPU.

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