AMD Reset Bug

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Hey guys, ich777's kernel builder solved it for me. He's made it very straight forward:


1. Add the container via community applications and select the options you want. Deselect anything you don't need but mark vendor-reset as true, it will compile a kernel for you

2. Back up your existing kernel just in case (download a dump of your flash drive via the GUI), copy the generated kernel files from the output folder to the root level of the flash drive, overwriting the existing ones.

3. Reboot


You'll see the discussion I had with him in that post as well, I had to change to a legacy boot mode to get my Asus RX 580 OC working in VMs but that might depend on your other hardware. It's working fine for me on 6.9.0, I haven't upgraded to 6.9.1 just yet, but I'll be doing that shortly. 


My understanding is the vendor-reset patch is still technically in Beta, but I'm hoping Unraid devs can move to include it in the kernel soon as it's pretty much impossible to use anything other than brand new AMD GPUs with Unraid otherwise.


EDIT: Just upgraded to 6.9.1, still works like a charm with my RX 580.

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I did the same thing shortly after my previous post, and the procedure wasn't too troublesome. I'm not sure it's really solved my problems though. I suspect the RX580 support may be more solid than for the Vega56, but this is conjecture, I haven't stressed this much or tried very hard at this point to figure out what's going on when it doesn't work.

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Ich777's kernel builder fixed it for me. I have an RX 5700XT. Let the container do its thing, then simply copy the output to /boot and reboot. I can reboot my VM as much as I want now.

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