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  1. @ich777 Okay so i figured out the issue so plex was working the whole time its only the some of my stuff was being transcoded and some was not depending on codec.
  2. Okay so jellyfin works but cant figure out plex. Ill try binhex.
  3. cool ill give that a try
  4. I tried that as well and also and also I read that the all variable is no longer needed for this docker container.
  5. I purchased one before I decided to go through with this and I generated one every time installed the plex docker. Is it possible the driver isn't talking to the docker?
  6. I installed it from the linuxserver repo and I also tried the official one also.
  7. Cant seem to figure what is wrong because driver seems to work but my plex does not transcode at all. I followed all the required steps, I also uninstalled and reinstalled it several times driver and plex.
  8. I tried and still no success, I cant figure out what I am doing wrong.
  9. I cannot get my nvidia card to hw transcode I followed all steps and get it to transcode. please help!!
  10. Hi I have an RX 580 thats work fine with windows and Mac OSX but all my linux vms trigger the reset bug is there any solution??
  11. after the update to openvpn as i lost connectivity and cant see the webui.