LSI 9200 SAS2008 not seeing any HDD

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You're using the 8e (external), How is it connected to your HDDs?

Are you using an Shelf/JBOD enclosure? SFF-8088->SFF-8088 is the usual here

or are you feeding the cables back in SFF-8088->SATA? make sure you are using forward breakout cables as these are one directional and you can't use the other one (backward breakout) which is meant for controller/Motherboard SATA -> SAS enclosure (SFF-8088)


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Yes, I am using an exterrnal Shelf/JBOD enclosure connecting to card with SFF-8088->SFF8088 cable.


Also yes to using same cable, enclosure and HDD as before, only change is replacing Highpoint 2722 for LSI 9200-e8 card


 I just rechecked connections again and still no success :(

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4 hours ago, ken-ji said:

During boot up, the LSI should be prompting to press Ctrl-A to enter the card setup utility, does this not work on your QNAP?

I am afraid it does not on this QNAP device.  After turning on I assume it goes onto a "blind" POST and then directly onto Unraid boot sequence, I can before this invoke BOOT option which allows me to select different BOOT options and BIOS menu, but the menu I assume is a custom one build for QNAP and it is very limited, I am sure QNAP did not intend nor welcome users wanting to use their HW in any other way than theirs.


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