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Can I used an external SSD as a cache drive?

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That's a very bad idea, I'm afraid. USB 3 is fast enough to be useful but not nearly reliable enough. Of course, you can try it for yourself, if you want, but a better solution would be a SATA controller on a PCIe card, if you have a spare slot. Two-port ASMedia-based ones are not expensive.


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OK, I FINALLY got a 500gb SSD attached in my NAS and it is now assigned as a cache drive. 

The next thing I did was to change the SHARE Settings for the appdata, system and docs to have the USE CACHE Pool set to PREFER and SELECT  CACHE POOL to Cache


SMB Security Settings
Export: Yes (Hidden) and SECURITY to Private.


Because I did this, I assume my mappings for PLEX is all skewed because appdata, system and docs are on cache. Any suggestions? I will continue to read forum posts that might have similar issues.

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12 minutes ago, rsutter said:

I assume my mappings for PLEX is all skewed because appdata, system and docs are on cache.


If the containers in question expect their appdata path to be /mnt/user/appdata/<container-name> then it will be fine. That's the default because it works whether you have a cache or not. If you had changed it to something like /mnt/disk1/appdata/<container-name> then you'll need to change it back.


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This is what the path is:




I map this through the docker edit mode by clicking on the Host Path and creating the link.


When I try to connect to the Plex WebUI, the connection is refused.





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