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Help with Plex + NAS server build

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Hi all-

I’d like to build server that will be used for a few purposes:


  • Plex Server
  • Retire an old netgear readynas. It has 4 drives with videos running in jbod config. I’d like to move those drives over the new server.
  • Central log server for my home. Probably run something like Graylog
  • Docker experimentation


Here is what I’m thinking right now. Would appreciate some feedback:

  • CPU - i3 10100
  • motherboard - ASRock H410M-HDV/M.2 Micro ATX LGA1200
  • RAM 16GB
  • HHD - 256 GB SSD (already own), 4 drives from NAS, maybe one additional 4tb drive for log data and docker images.
  • Case - Chenbro Rackmount 4U Server Chassis RM42300-F (already own)
  • CPU cooler TBD
  • Sata expansion card - TBD
  • Power supply - TBD


Would love you get your overall thoughts on this setup. I’d also appreciate any specific recommendations on PSU and sata expansion. I want to make sure I have enough for at least 6 drives, but don’t need a monster that’s gonna drive up the electric bill either.

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