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No GUI, No SSH, No Display after upgrading to 6.9.1

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I am so sick of Unraid, it is the the biggest headache that I have ever paid for.  I just upgraded to version 6.9.1, rebooted the server, and now there no GUI, no display output, I can't SSH into it and when I hit the power button it does nothing.  Every time I do anything to this server it is such a PIA.  

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1 hour ago, knowpistons said:

now it is showing in my routers network map

Does the router map show you if an IP address got assigned to the server?


Did you upgrade to 6.9.1 from 6.9 or from 6.8.x?


Do you know which mode (legacy or UEFI) your flash drive is configured to boot?


Do you have a monitor and keyboard attached to the server or is it headless?

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Yes, the router did assign it the correct IP but, when I just checked it now appears to be it says it is offline again.


I upgraded from 6.8.x to 6.9.1


If I remember correctly it is legacy mode


Headless although I have now attached a monitor and keyboard but nothing was displayed


I powered down the server again, checked the USB, no errors, turned it on and got a video output, went into the bios, made sure it was legacy mode was enabled and the flash drive was the proper boot device, saved and selected, "Unraid with GUI" then as I was about to type my password my keyboard would not work.  So I restarted again and let it go through its normal boot process, as I was about to type my password into the terminal the keyboard quick working and a bunch of text came on the screen. 


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13 minutes ago, knowpistons said:

How do i get rid of the nvidia plugin?

Safe mode starts unRAID without loading any plugins. The fact that you can boot in safe mode is a pretty good indication that a plugin is causing the problem.


In the GUI, of course you just go to the Plugins screen, select the checkbox next to the plugin and click the Remove button.


If that is not available in Safe Mode or you can't get to the GUI you can put the flash drive back in your Windows PC and:


delete the appropriate .plg from /config/plugins and reboot.

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Yes, I have tried both ways and deleting nerd pack, same thing happens, in GUI mode it freezes on the login screen and in headless mode the login prompt comes up and then the a ton of text comes on the screen and freezes, no access to GUI, keyboard doesn't work, the last thing on the screen is ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt ]---



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21 hours ago, knowpistons said:

As I just put it in my PC to fix the errors, I did a backup but not sure what good that's going to do me now. 

The config folder from your backup has all you need to get going exactly as you were with a new install. Prepare flash as new install using 6.8.3, then copy config folder from your backup

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When I set up the USB stick I could not remember if I set a custom name, ip address, or enabled UEFI boot so I only checked UEFI boot.  When I put it in my computer my bios reset, so that was interesting reconfiguring that but I got it working on 6.8.3 with your instructions, Thank you.  Oddly, it didn't even detect an unclean shutdown but I started a parity check just incase.  Now what am I supposed to do about upgrading?

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