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MSI B450 Tomahawk Max: do I need a second GPU to run a Win10 VM?

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Hello all, new to the community, but excited about the technology! (mods as this is my first post if there is a place this fits better go ahead and move it!)

I dived into my first array a few weeks ago. I was able to get my array up and running and get it configured with shares and users and stuff. I ran into a problem that when a Win10 VM is started on the server, my screen goes blank and looses signal.


MSI B450 Tomahawk Max  w/ latest bios

Ryzen 7 3700x VM turned on

Gigabyte GT 1030 using it's HDMI out


The conclusion I came to when I started tinkering a couple weeks ago was that I had to put in a second GPU in order for my server to run a Win10 vm. Whenever I start my Win10 VM, my screen goes blank. This was a couple weeks ago and I remember enabling PCIe passthrough at some point, but looking back I was trying a few diff BIOs revisions and that option might have reset. So I was going to give it another shot here real soon.

- I also understand that maybe only a selection of BIOs revs support passthrough so I'm gonna double check that.
- I'll be triple checking that PCIe pass through and VM support is on in the BIOs.

- Pretty sure I remember starting it headless, and starting the VM from another machine. Same issue, server's screen looses signal.
- Did I miss an option somewhere to select which specific PCIe devices to pass through to the VM?

- The motherboard has an HDMI out but the processor has no integrated graphics for me to send through it. Do I need to investigate routing the 1030 through the motherboard's HDMI out?

- Do I have to buy a second GPU? 😅

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