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169 IP Address issues

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I had to do some network maintenance today which meant having to reboot my Dream Machine Pro. After getting that all squared away my unRAID server is having issues getting a correct IP address. I have a static IP set via the router, but when connecting it directly to the Dream Machine Pro, it comes back with a 169. IP address. Before today I had it directly connected to the Dream Machine Pro with no issues.


I did try to troubleshoot the best I could. I eventually connected it to a 8 port switch that is also connected to the Dream Machine Pro. This, for some reason, allowed the unRAID server to connect fine and with the same static IP address I had setup for it a few weeks back.


Am I missing something that is obvious?



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What was the maintenance you carried out, I dont have experience of Dream Machine Pro's. But sound like the port on the device Unraid is connected to is not enabling quickly enough and DHCP is timing out.


169 address is normally when DHCP cannot get an address.


On other vendor switches there is an option for spanning tree portfast to mitigate this issue.


Another option is just to set static IP on the server and not use DHCP.




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