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[6.9.1] unRAID locked up 3 times since upgrading to 6.9.1, please help 😭

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Today, at around 23:20 EDT my unRAID OS locked up for the third time since I upgraded to 6.9.1 from 6.8.3 on March 14th, I believe.  This did not happen on 6.8.3, that was rock solid. 


The first time was on April 1st at 02:00 EDT and second time was on April 4th at around 21:40 EDT.  I blamed it on a docker instance, so I shut it down.  Everything was operating smoothly until today when it happened again.  The server was running 2 VMs at the time, one using 8 threads, another using 4. 


Please see the following list of attachments:


  • "unraid1.PNG" for a screenshot of the dashboard in locked up state.
  • "pidlist.txt" for the processes running at the time.  I tried to `kill - 9 6962` thinking that maybe it's one of the VMs, but it refused to die.  The CPU usage of that VM was 76.3% which I believe is only a % of a single thread, so that couldn't have been the issue.  These VMs were stable for months before update.
  • "ps.txt" and "pstree.txt" for the process tree. 
  • "top1.txt", "top2.txt", "top3.txt" for a snapshot of top within a few seconds.
  • "chron.txt" for the chron tasks (I have no custom ones).
  • "systemdevices.txt" for a list of the devices.
  • "unraid2.PNG" for the list of plugins.  The only one that makes sense to me to try running without is Doron's Spindown Plugin.  It doesn't really work for me anyway.


I tried to look at the log, but it was unresponsive.  😔


I use my computer and unRAID server for work, so this is a big deal to me.  I have to hard reset it each time (reboot doesn't work) and rebuilding parity is a big inconvenience on top of everything.  I have come to rely on the server to store all my data and when this happens all the vwmare VMs that I use as well as my main computer which relies on network shares to store data become unusable (explorer.exe gets very confused and has an emotional breakdown).   I have to figure out this issue and fix it.  Do I have to downgrade to 6.8.3?  How do I do that?  If I can somehow resolve this with 6.9.1, can someone advise me how?  I can't have technology be unstable in my life, that role is already fulfilled by people 😋








pidlist.txt top1.txt top2.txt top3.txt chron.txt ps.txt pstree.txt systemdevices.txt

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