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Split tunneling androidtv apps with a Mullvad wireguard VPN VM

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@Cpt. Chaz


I am attempting to use an Nvidia ShieldTV (android TV device) per Cpt. Chaz's wireguard Mullvad VPN-inside-a-VM setup explained here  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=engPFUCX6kw). The Mullvad app allows split tunneling, but requires that apps be excluded one by one, which is literally like 300 when you include all the various android components.  Would be great if you could "exclude all" form the VPN then add back one by one, but they see it very differently.  I have recently been informed that an app called "OpenVPN for Android" is easier to use, and I'm fine with these devices using OVPN rather than wireguard.


Ideally, I can simply point these specific androidtv apps to the VM I have already built.  Assuming this is possible, how would I modify the mullvad conf file within the OpenVPN app so it sends traffic through the mullvad VM?  Or is that not how it works, I can see that being redundant too?  Or would I need a second VM setup as OpenVPN?


Ultimate goal would be to route multiple LAN tv devices through the VM so as not to run into Mullvad's 5 device limit, so I am hoping that the solution is to configure the the OpenVPN app on each androidtv device to only send specific apps through the VPN, then point it at the VM dns to tunnel from there, rather than having it go straight to the internet.




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