Find and rename recurisively


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With my Media I use Plex and an old Asrock ION 330 with XBMC installed. Long story short it works for my needs. 


When I rip a new disc and place it on my server Plex does its META Data thing, but I needed the extra files movie.nfo, movie.tbn, Fanart.jpg and obviously the Video file using a plugin called Lambda.


The problem I'm having is I need to convert movie.jpg to movie.tbn, which isn't that hard. Lol

I was tinkering with using find, but I'm kinda loosing my mind trying to determine some syntax and I was hoping somebody could lend me a hand. I used the following:


find /mnt/cache/Movies/ -iname 'movie.jpg' -exec mv '{}' movie.tbn \;


However if I have 5 Movies in 5 folders I want the movie.jpg to be renamed in its folder like so'








The problem I'm seeing is its creating a movie.tbn in the root not in each folder.  I'm guessing its a syntax issues. 






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Kinda solved this on my own just incase anybody else is ever looking for this solution. Not 100% how all the code worked, but tested and works. Lol


find /mnt/cache/test -type f -name 'movie.jpg' | while read f; do mv -v "$f" "${f%.*}.tbn"; done


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