Storage level snapshots....please!

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The biggest thing that unRAID is missing that keeps it from being used by small businesses is snapshots.


I can't tell you how many times I've used them in our ReadyNAS to get something back that was accidently deleted months ago by a user and then they realize they oopsed.


If unRAID could get storage level snapshots (VM's would be great too but I can live without them) then I'd push unRAID for small businesses whenever possible as long as they aren't running databases on the thing.

Backups are great, however, snapshots make recovering files so much easier and faster if there isn't a catastrophe.

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+1 for this, just set up my first unraid system. Couldn't believe there wasn't an easy way to take/manage snapshots.


I heard good things about unraid so decided to buy and setup, I thought this was standard for most NAS. 😬 My fault for not checking.


Luckily at work I've used zfs with snapshots - on another well known platform. For 40+ users using one share there's always someone that'll accidentally delete a file or two.



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Same here I bought into unraid too and was shocked this was not already done or included. I also would like to see ZFS native to setup as an array. That would make this system so complete. I know many would be expecting some sort of conversion tool too. But hell if I could get those 2 things I'll suffer and rebuild and restore my data.


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