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  1. It rebooted once after about a week sucessfully. Now after 30 days I get this: It can send an email but otherwise goes unresponsive on anything but the Dockers and Settings tabs. Trying a "shutdown -r now" it just goes away completely and won't even respond to a ping but it never reboots. Would a recording of everything that happens next time be helpful?
  2. The biggest thing that unRAID is missing that keeps it from being used by small businesses is snapshots. I can't tell you how many times I've used them in our ReadyNAS to get something back that was accidently deleted months ago by a user and then they realize they oopsed. If unRAID could get storage level snapshots (VM's would be great too but I can live without them) then I'd push unRAID for small businesses whenever possible as long as they aren't running databases on the thing. Backups are great, however, snapshots make recovering files so much easier and fa
  3. It's still broken. It's totally killed the server twice now when rebooting the VM. How can I get the Syslog file when I can't even get IPMI to respond and it's not on the Flash drive anywhere? IPMI console viewer lets me enter root for the user and then locks up. All drive activity ceases on the server. It's just dead.... I'm getting so utterly frustrated with unRAID right now that I'm not sure I even want to mess with it anymore.
  4. I actually just stumbled across one with OEM transceivers for $80 shipped so I grabbed it. They only had one though band it has a short bracket but I can buy a tall bracket sometime.
  5. I grabbed one in 2019 for $50 but I'm striking out currently. I figured out that a ConnectX-2 card was the cause of my unRAID server crashing when Windows 10 VM's were rebooted/shut down for some unknown reason so I'd like to find a spare ConnectX-3 card. I'm in the US and would rather not buy from China.
  6. Windows decided to reboot last night to install and update and it seems to have went fine as everything was back up this morning so I'm hopeful that the ConnectX-2 was the issue. I have no idea why it would have been an issue though.
  7. You should set up Plex to transcode to the RAM as it's much faster than even an SSD and doesn't wear out your SSD if you're using one.
  8. You're using your RAM as the temp transcoding directory right?
  9. It's a Samsung MZ6ER400HAGL SSD. Any idea what that message means? I started a test through the CLI to see if it will clear up. MZ6ER400HAGL_003_S18PNWAGB02383_35002538475b1b710-20210415-1633.txt
  10. That device is a Mellanox ConnectX-2. I have a ConnectX-3 as well that's not being used so I swapped them out. I also installed a USB3 card to test hot swap. I still have my fingers crossed I'll get this figured out but I'm getting burnt out on it.
  11. Okay, thanks! I'm still trying to figure out why restarting/shutting down a VM with a 1050 Ti passed through will cause unRAID to crash sometimes so I'm doing everything I can to try and fix it.
  12. @Squid Do you have a link to the virtio guest tools install or are you talking about the guest-agent directory on the ISO? (quemu-ga-x86_64.msi)?
  13. Yeah I can't really replace the card as there's no 8-pin/6-pin supplemental power option in the Supermicro CSE-846 which is why I used the Inno3D card as it doesn't require supplemental power and no other company makes a single slot 1050 Ti. Finding another card really isn't an option right now with the global GPU shortage either. Inno3D is a huge company though and has been around since the 90's. I remember using their GPU's back when Packard Bell was still around. https://www.inno3d.com/static.php?refid=1 I have IPMI on the server so I can view the console and