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  1. Just an update to this since I *finally* got it figured out. I had to open ICMP from UnRAID to the other machines along with 137-139,405 for SMB and now the circles are green...wohoo!! Now I know.....
  2. I'm seeing this too when Emby starts. It's reproducible any time I restart Emby.
  3. I just had this happen on 6.8.1 sigh 😰
  4. Thanks. I'll move it to the User Scripts Plugin.
  5. Just to verify... I installed this for version 6.8.0 in Saturday so in order to get to 6.8.1 (when released) I: 1) Update UnRAID thru the normal update interface 2) Install 6.8.1 from the UnRAID Nvidia plugin page Is that correct?
  6. I got a Quadro P2000, installed the Nvidia UnRAID Plugin, and then noticed that my power usage at idle was 18W. After some searching I found that the following command would fix this (by letting the power state go to P8 thus dropping power usage to 4W) by setting the Persistence Mode to "On": nvidia-smi -pm 1 Will adding this to my "go" file hurt anything or should I put it in as a cron job via the User Scripts Plugin instead as a "At First Array Start Only" task?
  7. I'd like Snapshots followed by Multiple Arrays. Snapshots are a must IMO for UnRAID to be adopted by small businesses. I put in a ReadyNAS at work simply due to Snapshots and the cryptolocker viruses. At home I use UnRAID as primary but have a ReadyNAS for backups just for snapshots.
  8. Now I can see the files through a SMB share but browsing via console the files don't exist on either the source or destination disk. The space is still used though (~500GB) on the original disk (disk1). What do I do?
  9. Is there any way to send attachments with the notify script? I'd like to send the rsync log with the e-mail if possible.
  10. That was it....thanks! I had the VM set to 1440x900 so if I set the browser zoom level down to 90% its all good now. Can't believe I didn't think of that 😣
  11. I just updated to 6.8 and am seeing the column with Parity, Array, Cache, etc starting below the contents of the middle column on the dashboard. Did I mess something up?
  12. I like this suggestion. You could also change the color of the text of those words possibly.
  13. Brave mobile is fine with 6.8 running dark mode for me on Android 10. I have UnRAID in a dark theme as well.