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I have just purchased a Eufy Doorbell to realize after the fact that the Docker that ties said doorbell into home assistant has not been ported to Unraid Community applications. It is a mqtt Bridge similar to DahuaVTO2MQTT project (I think from my research, I could be wrong).

I was wondering if anyone can help me with that setup? I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on this project, and sorry i did not do enough research before i purchased my doorbell.


docker pull matijse/eufy-ha-mqtt-bridge


I have tied to copy the config from another similar product in the CA store without any luck.

Please let me know if anyone is willing to assist me on this project?


Thank you.

Link to comment you have a working homeassistant setup already?

Looks like there is a plugin made available for use/deployment directly from within homeassistant:


Edit: besides, this sub-forum is dedicated to guides, not docker requests. @JorgeB ...can you move this to the appropriate section, maybe it will draw more attraction there

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wrong sub-forum ... call the mods
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Yea im running the Home-Assistant-Core Docker not the Linux VM version so I don't have access to the Supervisor option that the link is discussing.

From My understanding that is the link for the Supervisor Docker link if you are running the VM not the Core version.



Yes please move it to the correct sub-form sorry for placing it in the wrong location.

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I do not run a homeassistant setup myself, so probably cannot help much.


What did you try to setup already, based on the Documentation from here: ?


By the looks of it, you do not need much to setup the docker.

However, you will need a working mqtt broker, as it looks.

The central config will be a yaml file (config.yml) which you will have to manually edit.

As usual, the config is mounted into the container inside ... here into the /app/data in unraid template create a path, i.e. typical "/mnt/user/appdata/eufy-bridge" to "/app/data"

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