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  1. I tries to get this app working as well but failed every time. I'm running Unifi pro-4 Router running IDS and found the cause to my issues in my router Logs. It sees the traffic as a trojan here is one of the hundreds of blocks my router did. ET TROJAN Possible Compromised Host AnubisNetworks Sinkhole Cookie Value Snkz Date07/15/2021 Time08:56:30 AM Severity High TypeA Network Trojan was Detected CategoryIPS_VALUES_CATEGORY_EMERGING-TROJAN I am not accusing SpaceinvaderOne of anything! I ran this app 3 different time and my R
  2. Thank you for all the help I pushed the server over the weekend and could not make it crash. Thank you for the help correcting this issue.
  3. Hello, Update from last week. Have not had a single crash since the uninstall of the "sas sleep plugin" i am in the process of running another parity check will run a move after that is done to do the final test.
  4. I have uninstalled the sas spin down plugin. This morning after a fresh reboot. I will run it for 24 hours and let you know my results.
  5. *Update* I have disabled my 5 am Mover. I did a Maintenance mode repair -L on all 20 drives. Removed the second e-sas cord between the r720 and md1200 Started a parity Check *Forgot to disable spin down on the drives I woke up this morning with the parity check at 60% complete with only 2 errors on the first 10 drives. All my dockes look to be running but all my shares are missing again this morning. Also when I checked all the drives were spun down
  6. Yea im running the Home-Assistant-Core Docker not the Linux VM version so I don't have access to the Supervisor option that the link is discussing. From My understanding that is the link for the Supervisor Docker link if you are running the VM not the Core version. *Edit Yes please move it to the correct sub-form sorry for placing it in the wrong location.
  7. So what should be the next plan of attack? Uninstall "Spin Down SAS Drives" Plugin? Or just disable sleep on on my drives? I have the "Dynamix Cache Directories" Pugin installed so i could have my discs spin down to save life and power? If Spin Down is the issue then is there a way to get that working with mover? Actually lets leave that till I test it... I will be in contact in 24-48 hours after I test these theories. Thank you for the help "JorgeB" "trurl" and "itimpi"
  8. Yes I have my r720 with a LSI 9201-16e card ran to my MD1200 with 2 e-sas cords. Then from e-sas to 4xsata for 8 more drives (Currently not in the array). Hope this info helps. I do have two line going from MD1200 to my r720 will do that tonight. Also I have I plan on changing my cashe drives from btrfs to xfs. I have a feeling that might also be the culprit.
  9. I have done that as well. Right now I am trying to do my own research to correct this particular issue. Was hoping that someone who has had this similar issue can shed some light on this. Did now know asking if the issue was resolved was going to cause an issue my apologies.
  10. This is happening to me as well. Did you ever figure out a solution?
  11. Thank you for the assistance, before still working on this issue and have narrowed down the issue to when Mover starts. I repaired all of the drives through maintenance mode with -L. Checked parity twice 16+ hours each time with 0 errors. The moment I evoked mover all my share crashed again. any ideas, i have attached a new log.
  12. Hello, I have just purchased a Eufy Doorbell to realize after the fact that the Docker that ties said doorbell into home assistant has not been ported to Unraid Community applications. It is a mqtt Bridge similar to DahuaVTO2MQTT project (I think from my research, I could be wrong). I was wondering if anyone can help me with that setup? I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on this project, and sorry i did not do enough research before i purchased my doorbell. docker pull matijse/eufy-ha-mqtt-bridge I have tied to copy the config from another similar prod
  13. i have it plugged into a backup battery. I will power it down and try it on a different power bar and give that a try tonight. both my r720 and my MD1420 have redundant power supplies.
  14. Hello, I have migrated from my old Unraid server to a new Dell r720 system. Through the process I just got it all live and running. After my Parity Check I had 450 errors and all my shares disappeared, all my dockers wont start up and every disk had errors in Fix Common Problems plugin. I restarted the server and everything worked fine for 24 hours till I did another Parity check and then the same thing happened. I have not had time to reboot the server to see if it came back. Is this going to be an issue moving forward? If so i have no idea h