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Hi, I am new to fixing problems with Unraid and I were busy adding data to new drives that was just added to unraid when I got this problem with a disk. The Disk is disabled and content is emulated. This is a new disk that is about 3 weeks old. This is disk 6 on the array.


I have followed the instructions from this guid: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Storage_Management#Drive_shows_as_unmountable to test and repair the file system, but is doesn't mount.

And it looks like my drive is still in a good condition. I have been able to get the file system back to xfs, but I still cannot mount/ enable the disk. I have rebooted the server and started the array, but with no luck.


Here is the diagnostics zip file:

I hope that someone can tell me what am I doing wrong.



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A disabled disk is not the same thing as an unmountable disk. These are independent conditions. A disk can be disabled, it can be unmountable, it can be both, or it can be neither. The procedure you followed is for an unmountable disk, not for a disabled disk.


Looks like emulated disk6 did mount according to syslog, but since you took those diagnostics without the array started can't really tell if it has any data or if maybe you did something


28 minutes ago, DTPro said:

to get the file system back to xfs


that would cause its data to be gone.


Start the array and post new Diagnostics.

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As noted, emulated disk6 mounts, and appears to be 42% full. And it doesn't look like you have a lost+found share so probably nothing happened (or was needed) on the repair.


SMART for disk6 looks OK as does your other disks. Since you rebooted after the disk became disabled can't see anything about what caused it, but probably you disturbed its connections when you added disk7. Double-check connections on all disks.


You can rebuild the disk to itself:


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Thanks, for the info, I have been able to rebuild the drive, and everything looks good.


I still don't know why it happened in the first place, the Unraid server is a Dell PowerEdge R510 (with a SAS backplane), using a H200 HBA (in IT mode), and the server room was locked. I were copying the data on the network to the new drive, when it got the problem.


If anything happens again I will not restart the system without making a diagnostics zip file.


Thanks again.

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