Power failure, server no longer boots to unRAID

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I had a storm today and lost power, and now my server won't boot to the unRAID flash drive. I tried 2 different USB ports, it was originally directly pluged into the motherboard inside the case, then I tried the back USB ports and no dice. I tried plugging the USB stick into my Windows machine to see if I could see anything, but all I get in Device Manager is "Unknown USB Device (Set Address Failed)". Trying to determine if this is an issue with my USB stick, or my motherboard, but I am honestly not sure what I should see when viewing the USB device in Windows, is this normal? Or did the USB stick die?

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Ok, new problem. Once I got everything booted up, my old dockers were picked up and my VM, but the dockers appear to be in a weird state not they are not really installed.:




The volume mappings are right, but that's it. I can't edit anything unless I go to the Apps and try doing an installation from there, but then all the defaults are reset so I canceled out:




When I click "Edit" from the Apps, it says the XML is missing. I am guessing this XML was stored on the flash drive? What was the location of the XML files so I can check my backups to see if I can pull just those?


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