Looking for advice regarding disk errors I keep getting during Parity checks.

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So I every time I run parity checks (Either the monthly one or manual ones) I get tons of disk errors on some of the disks. In my research I came to the conclusion that it could be the SATA cables that are the problem. Trying different SATA cables however did not seem to help with the problem. I came to the possible conclusion that it could be the Case I am using or possibly the SATA ports on my Board. Here are my current relevant specs:


1. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

2. ASRock X570 Creator

3. 6x 16TB Seagate EXOS

4. Silverstone SST-CS350B case with 5 hotswap bays (I added a hotswap bay to the 5.25" slot on the front)


Since the case is hot swap and the drives connect to an enclosure that then connects to the drives via SATA cables I think the case could be the problem. I am also concerned that plugging so many SATA devices to the board directly could be the problem. I was about to swap all of the components into another case I have laying around in order to confirm my theory of the case being the problem but I very quickly remembered the case only supports M-ATX boards and not full size ATX. So instead I just placed an order for this Rosewill Case and an LSI 9211-8i. I figured the new Case would give me extra Hot swap bays in case I need more storage and maybe it will solve my issue. 


Am I right to think the case is the problem or would the LSI likely solve the problem without the case. Or do you think it could be something else all together?




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I already tried the cables and the power connector is just one ( or maybe it was two) that goes to 5 of the drives. I think the design of the hot swap bay is the problem on my case. Or it's just something loose inside the hot swap bays. I think new case might solve that.



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