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To kick off our new support forum for My Servers I'll reiterate the change log from our recent releases. Be sure to go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!  


Recent versions make significant improvements connecting to mothership and staying online, so hopefully we'll see a lot less "unraid-api restart" comments here. We've also added more functionality to the My Servers dashboard - you can now track each server's uptime and see the number of VMs that are installed and running. And of course knocked out several bugs.


Unraid 6.10 compatibility is also included, be sure to update your My Servers plugin before installing the upcoming rc. It is coming Soon(TM)!

Here are the full release notes:


## 2021.07.21
### This version resolves:
- Issues connecting to mothership
- Flash backup issues after uninstall
- Docker stats missing in specific conditions
- Unexpected disk spin up


### This version adds:
- Unraid 6.10 compatibility
- Streamlined communication between between unraid-api and mothership
- Ability to track server uptime on dashboard
- Ability to see number of VMs installed and running 
- Origin checks to unraid-api

## 2021.07.27
### This version resolves:
- issues with Local Access urls 
- issues booting when Internet is down


### This version adds:
- more Unraid 6.10 compatibility

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We've released My Servers plugin version 2021.08.25.1816, please go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


## 2021.08.25
### This version resolves:
- "status code 500" on localhost in GUI mode
- unneeded warning icon in the UPC
- various issues with UpdateDNS.php
- add "Sign Out of" to the UPC dropdown for consistency with Unraid 6.10, which does not have a My Servers settings page.
- having links to "Unraid Forums" and "Join Unraid Discord", as they were causing confusion


### This version adds:
- new My Servers support URL
- uninstall improvements - when uninstalling the plugin it will now Sign Out of, disable remote access, and delete the local flash backup.
- flash backup only runs if the server is currently signed in

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We've released My Servers plugin version 2021.09.15.1853, please go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


## 2021.09.16

### This version resolves:

- minor privacy and security improvements

- unraid-api crashing in certain circumstances

- issues when there are more disks than the license permits


Note: Under certain conditions you may be signed out during install or reboot. If you are affected and sign in after 9/23 you will be good to go and won't trigger this condition again.

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Hey folks, we are actively troubleshooting an issue with My Servers. Your systems will show as offline / access unavailable in the dashboard until we can get this resolved. Thanks.


Sorry for the trouble today, things are looking stable and we'll be keeping an eye on it. If you are currently offline you can open a webterminal and type `unraid-api restart` to reconnect.

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We've released My Servers plugin version 2021.10.12.1921, please go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


We resolved a few corner case bugs, along with adding compatibility with 6.10.0-rc2.


Note: Under certain conditions you may be signed out during install. Simply sign back in (and re-enable Remote Access, if desired) and you'll be good to go.


If you have trouble activating flash backup, there is likely an issue with DNS or a network firewall. Our goal is to expose these issues on the My Servers settings page, but for now please open a web console and type:


If it mentions DNS errors, we'd recommend going to Settings -> Network Settings and assigning to your DNS server. If there are connection errors, you'll need to modify your firewall to allow connections from this server to on port 22 or 443.


## 2021.10.12

### This version resolves:

- broken settings page when there are DNS issues

- flash backup errors when there are DNS issues

- cannot read property 'sendCrashInfo' of undefined error


### This version adds:

- warnings during install when there are DNS issues

- Unraid 6.10.0-rc2 compatibility

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We've released My Servers plugin version 2022.01.25.1819, please go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


Thanks for sticking with us while we sort through the connection issues and keeping your server "online" in the My Servers dashboard. We updated mothership a few hours ago, and there are changes in this plugin release to take advantage of it. We'd appreciate if you could update asap, hopefully connections to mothership will be more stable going forward.


This release includes some enhancements to flash backup... if you've tried activating before and it failed quietly, please try again. It should now tell you why it couldn't activate.


And we have an exciting new feature coming soon, please keep an eye out!


## 2022.01.25

### This version resolves:

- issues connecting to mothership!

- unnecessary load when Docker health checks are processed

- flash backup spamming the logs when user is not signed in

- error messages when activating flash backup not being shown


### This version adds:

- compatibility with Unraid 6.10.0-rc3 wildcard certificates


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On 1/25/2022 at 5:42 PM, ljm42 said:

hopefully connections to mothership will be more stable going forward.


Well it was a nice thought, but we are still clearly having issues. 


You are probably in a state where the webgui loads and initially your name is shown in the upper right corner, but after a second it is replaced with "Sign In". It pains me to say this but for now please turn off the unraid-api. At a web terminal type:

unraid-api stop


In this mode, Remote Access and Flash Backup should remain active, but you will see a "graphql is offline" error message when you click on your name in the upper right corner. 


When you visit the My Servers Dashboard ( ) your server will be shown as offline and there may be "Network error: failed to fetch" errors as well, but you can still click the Local and Remote access links and you can still download your flash backups.


Unraid 6.10 users without the My Servers plugin will have no issues signing in or using the dashboard.


We are working hard to restore full functionality.

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TL;DR - We've released My Servers plugin version 2022.02.17.1746, go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


Hey everyone, thanks for sticking with us. In short, the reason for the outage is that we ended up DDOSing ourselves. In certain circumstances, older versions of our clients were opening many (thousands) of connections to mothership and causing memory use to balloon and eventually crash.


But to be honest this was not completely bad. It showed us some shortcomings of the system before there was anything critical that relied on it. We have since hardened the system against attack (we now have the ability to block traffic early on, before it gets to the back-end servers) and we stripped out a websocket library (never use async iterators with websockets!), which was the source of the memory leak. So we have definitely come out of this stronger.


Another change is that we had to drop support for custom server icons. You can still define a custom icon locally, but it will revert to the default when shown on the My Servers dashboard. Hopefully we can find an efficient way to bring that feature back in the future.


Our ask to you is to please update your My Servers plugin and come on back :) Your server status will be shown correctly in the dashboard, and in most cases the UPC will be correct too (if your UPC server list has issues it will be resolved in a few days.) Once we've proven to ourselves (and to you!) that the system is stable, we'll release the new feature I teased previously. 



One more thing... many thanks to the community members who reported they were seeing excessive writes to the flash drive with flash backup enabled. We tracked this down to an unnecessary lock file that git was creating, we now run git with "--no-optional-locks" and those excessive writes are gone.


## 2022.02.17

### This version resolves:

- unraid-api making too many connections to mothership

- CORS issues with Unraid 6.10.0-rc3

- flash backup causing excessive writes to the flash drive

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Hey everyone, we've got a new version of the My Servers plugin ready, please go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


You'll definitely want to update if you plan to install Unraid 6.10.0-rc5 later tod... I mean Soon(TM). It also has some fixes for Unraid 6.9.2, so I'd recommend upgrading even if you aren't ready to run an RC.


Plus we've added another customization option for those of you that want more control over the look and feel of the header.


## 2022.04.22

### This version resolves:

- Incorrect urls being shown on the My Servers dashboard for Unraid 6.9.2

- UpdateDNS making unnecessary rebind test checks

- Flash backup log file getting unnecessarily large


### This version adds:

- Compatibility with 6.10.0-rc5

- Ability to disable the background fade the UPC places on your header image. This should only be used if your header image has a solid background, otherwise the text will not be readable. See Settings → Display Settings → Show banner background color fade

- Back-ported the version of updatepkg from Unraid 6.10.0-rc5, to prevent other plugins from downgrading the version of git that comes with Unraid


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Hey everyone, we've released My Servers plugin version 2022.04.26.1740, go to the Plugins tab and check for updates!


## 2022.04.26

### This version resolves:

- Garbled text in - unraid-api.txt


### This version adds:

- `unraid-api report -v` improvements to help track down "invalid owner" errors and CORS issues

- Ability to restart the unraid-api from the UPC dropdown - if the UPC detects that the unraid-api has stopped, after 30 seconds a `restart unraid-api` option will be added to the UPC.

- Continued behind the scenes improvements


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We are working through some issues on mothership, so don't be alarmed if you see "Not connected to mothership", "API Error", or other issues in the UPC.


On the My Servers dashboard your server's status may show as Offline and the array status may be incorrect, but the Local and Remote access links will still work as will the ability to download a flash backup.

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Hey everyone, we've released My Servers plugin version 2022.05.10.1726, go to the Plugins tab and check for updates! If you are running a few releases behind, please take this opportunity to get caught up, in our next release we will increase the minimum version required to connect to mothership. Thanks!


## 2022.05.10

### This version resolves:

- conflicts with browser extensions interfering with registration popup window


### This version adds:

- compatibility with Unraid 6.10.0 IPv6 urls

- streamlined communication between the unraid-api and mothership. BTW if you are curious about the data being sent, see

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