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Unassigned devices: Missing Disk Space


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Hi Guys - I'm missing some space on an external SSD mounted with Unassigned devices. The device has 2 image files for my VM's.

I have a 1TB SSD on which 1 have 2 raw image files totalling 540GB.

I am on the RC1 and it reporting a utilisation of 842GB and filling up. 


The only thing I can think of is that I have a VM Backup plugin which takes periodic backup of the 2 imp files to the array and is somehow responsible for the increased size. 


Appreciate any help !




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10 minutes ago, trurl said:

Did you read that thread I already linked to when you posted about this in the 6.10RC1 thread?





I did - thank you for the pointer. I don't suppose its related because the primary location of the img file is on the SSD.  The backup copy is going to the Array. 

You'd also see that the size of the  img files are reported correctly. Or am I missing something ?




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4 hours ago, itimpi said:

Try running

ls -al *

in case there are any ‘hidden’ file starting with dot to explain the discrepancy.



No luck - still the 2 files only and nothing else. 

What else have i tried

  1. Stopped the array, rebooted - no change
  2. Stoped the array mounted the drive only with unassigned devices plugin - no change
  3. Stopped the array and mounted the disk manually from cmd line to another mount point - no change


Also turned off and uninstalled - recycle bin plugin and VM Backup.


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