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system lock, difficult to shutdown/reboot - Newbie - Ver 6.9.2

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So I just experienced a scary moment, I noticed a few days ago that plex was having trouble on some of my Clients to play certain movies.


today i put some time aside to go through and update everything and make sure things where OK


i noticed that next cloud would not come back up, couldn't access its page, and restarting didn't help, and I noticed that 3 or 4 of my cores where pegged at 100% while the rest where within normal range so went over to docker to see that nothing was really using more that a 1% and even then it was maybe 1 container.


so i went over to the terminal to run top, i found qemu-system-x86 running with between 40 - 50% i watched this for a good few minutes with the same behaviour, doing a google would suggest this is to do with my windows 10 virtual machine, so i shut it down, and the same behaviour was happening, i confirmed the machine was shutdown at least from a trying to connect to it standpoint, and I couldn't remote in.


at this point im thinking, lets do the age old trick of rebooting, so i try to reboot though the GUI and nothing, so next on to the terminal with shutdown now -r nothing, just locks up that terminal, after waiting 30 seconds or so i close it out and open a new terminal and try again, nothing


So I figure ill try and help it along, so i stop docker in the docker settings and try again, and bingo, starts rebooting, after a good 5 mins the gui doesn't come back, so i putty in and run top and everything shows as 0% cpu 0% ram ect ect, i wait a good 5 more mins just incase, not wanting to do any unnecessary damage incase its doing something!??!


anndddd nothing, so im getting very worried at this point, wondering if i have some hardware failure or something, im left with no choice but to reboot it again, and yet again its refusing. so i move to bare metal keyboard mouse, screen right to unraid and try a shutdown now -r and same problem! 


so next i try Alt-control-del, after a good minute i try again this time it seams to suggest its running this as "console" (forgive my bad memory but a lot has happened and im pretty stressed out about it XD lol!! ) 


and Wala! it finaly rebooted, AND came back online normally! 


Everything seems to be working, plex is now functioning normally as is next cloud and everything else. its almost like nothing happened. apart from something Deffinitly happened and i dont know what!


with plex the strange thing seamed to be that only titles that needed to be transcoded where giving me Jip, but then you would move on to another title that also needed transcoding and it was fine..!?..  


anyone had a similar issue?..


attached logs in hopes it helps.


Cheers guys.


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