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Hello, just want to ask. I want to access my unraid dashboard(GUI) remotely and also to setup my owncloud to access outside LAN so that I can sync files even I'm remote. 


So base on that I found out that I need to setup VPN particularly OpenVPN to do that. To note, I'm on my ISP CGNAT.


But I'm confuse where to setup my VPN server. Should I setup it up on the unraid itself or the VPS? Will it work if I'm behind CGNAT.


I also have a TP Link router that has a capability of setting up an OpenVPN. If I setup in the router, then my router is the server and my unraid is the client, will it work that way?


I have a month subscription to PureVPN to test it but sometimes it's not working and I need to forward ports on the router.


Sorry I'm new to VPN. Also I'm a windows guy and have very limited knowledge on linux so ssh or command line is not an option to me.

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