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File transfer interuptions

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I'm transferring my media library from Windows Server 2019 to my fresh 6.9.2 Unraid server. Hundreds or thousands of files up to 100GB each. Transfer speeds drops to about 70MB/s after while of transfers. The problem I really would appreciate help in troubleshooting though is that the file transfer is intermittently fails. Retrying the same file usually helps but sometimes I have to retry a couple of times. This is hurting the transfer process as it will take days of uninterupted transfer and each failed transfer might take me hours to notice...


I've tried copying from my Windows box writing to unraid share and also tried the reverse by mapping a windows share and tried to read from the windows box from Krusader with the same result.


The share is a public share which spread across 2 disks using high-water, there's still a lot of free space. The disks are encrypted using xfs encrypted file system. All disks (WD Reds) have been pre-cleared.


How do I troubleshoot these file transfer interuptions?



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Diagnostics file attached
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3 hours ago, itimpi said:

You are likely to get better informed feedback if you attach your systems diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools->Diagnostics) to your NEXT post.

Thanks for pointing that out. I've attached the diagnostics file to the original post.

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